YO. I’m going to try my best to do this every week. If you enjoy this please give me shit if I show any signs of slacking. The songs on this playlist come from the albums I’ve been listening to a lot this past week, they’re all over the place so I haven’t really tried sequencing it in any way apart from making sure all the bummer jams are a bit spread out across the playlist

You can find the playlist on Spotify HERE, and I’ve talked about why I like each song/artist/album a little bit below

Isaiah Rashad – Free Lunchisaiah-the-suns-tirade

Cilvia Demo is one of my favourite hip hop albums period, and the more I listen to The Sun’s Tirade the more I can see it ending up there too. It’s not there yet, but I’ve been enjoying listening through it and gaining a deeper appreciation for the album with each listen. If you ever get the chance to see this dude live DO IT. It’s been a couple years and I’m still waiting for a chance to see him again

Watch on youtube

Joyce Manor – Bride of Usherjoyce-manor-grow-tired

Joyce Manor are far and away my favourite pop punk band. This album is 13 minutes long and it’s damn near perfect, each song gets its point across and ends but it works. These guys have a new album coming out in October and both the singles from it have been SICK. I can’t think of another album from this year I’ve looked forward to more

Listen/buy on bandcamp

lil-big-league-friends Little Big League – Sportswriting

I found out about Little Big League through lead singer Michelle Zauner’s side project Japanese Breakfast and oh man I’m glad I did. This album is dope, filled with solid indie jams and twinkly guitars and Michelle’s voice is incredible. If you dig this song or the Japanese Breakfast one, definitely give These Are Good People a spin

Listen/buy on bandcamp

mitski-puberty2Mitski – I Bet On Losing Dogs

The first time I listened to Mitski was when I saw the video for Your Best American Girl and honestly at first I wasn’t sure I liked it. Something about the song hooked me though, and I found myself coming back to listen to it again and again. This entire album is rad, I’ve picked one of the slower songs on the album for this playlist but on the whole the album leans towards the more explosive side

Listen/buy on bandcamp

car-seat-headrest-denial Car Seat Headrest – Vincent

Every time I think I’ve listened to this album enough one of its many hooks will surface in my head and I’ll be back giving it yet another listen. Will Toledo and co. are at the very top of my Laneway to-see list and holy shit I’m excited. It was pretty difficult picking one song from this album to include here but Vincent was the first song from it I heard so here it is

Listen/buy on bandcamp


Angel Olsen – Never Be Mine

Like with Your Best American Girl, I didn’t love Shut Up Kiss Me right away but something about it hooked me. It’s now probably my favourite song of the year. I’ve been listening to My Woman pretty consistently since picking it up on vinyl and it’s such a solid piece of art. Clearly divided into two distinct sides, this is one I would definitely recommend checking out in full. I missed her at the last Laneway she played but thankfully I’ll be seeing her in December

Listen/buy on bandcamp


Joyce Manor – Beach Community

Like I said before. Best pop punk band. New album soon. I like this album better than Of All Things I Soon Will Grow Tired (and like Never Hungover Again better than both of them) but they’re honestly both worth a listen. Joyce Manor clocks in at just under 19 minutes so it’s not even gonna take up that much of your time. DO IT

Listen/buy on bandcamp

bon-iver-foremmaBon Iver – Blindsided

I’m very late to the Bon Iver party. I think I listened to For Emma, Forever Ago a few years ago but didn’t really sit down with it and give it enough attention. The three singles released from the upcoming 22, A Million all blew me away and so here I am, cashing in my late pass, and doing my best to make up for lost time. I don’t know what I didn’t get about this album on first listen but I’m stoked I gave it another go


hop-along-disowned Hop Along – Tibetan Pop Stars

With most of the songs on this list I’ve tried to avoid picking the songs I heard first/the most popular jams and going for ones that have grown on me a lot since listening to the whole albums. I couldn’t do that with Hop Along because this song stands out so much. Get Disowned as a whole is fantastic but this. fucking. song. is too good

Listen/buy on bandcamp

Japanese Breakfast – The Woman That Loves Youjapanese-breakfast-pomp

Like Little Big League but more synthy/dream poppy/just poppier in general. I found this album through their Audiotree session. They remind me a lot of Yumi Zouma in the best possible way while also being their own thing. I haven’t listened to any of her other solo work yet, but I’m definitely going to

Listen/buy on bandcamp


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