AYY. Week two of this thing. As always, the playlist is on spotify HERE. Week one is over HERE. The best music video I’ve seen this week is HERE. I’m getting that write-a-word-so-much-it-starts-seeming-weird HERE

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twiabp-harmlessness The World Is A Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die – January 10th, 2014

Right now this is still my favourite song from these guys. That will probably change in another hour, who knows. All their songs are great. Harmlessness in whole is great. Their twitter account is great. Their merch game is the. fucking. best.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

tricot-kabuku-epTricot – 節約家 (Setsuyakuka)

This is maybe the only song in a language I don’t speak that I find stuck in my head on a regular basis. I don’t listen to as much math rock as I used to anymore, but I’ll always have time for upbeat jams like this one

Watch on youtube

noname-telefone Noname – Shadow Man (feat. Saba, Smino, & Phoelix)

Noname’s debut project Telefone is fantastic. I struggled with picking just one song from here to include this week, so she’ll probably pop up again soon. Every part of this song fits so perfectly, every verse/feature is 🔥and whew that beat. I can’t wait to see where Noname goes from here

Listen/buy on bandcamp

dowsing-okayDowsing – Feeling Better

This song is a tight two minutes of solid upbeat pop punk and OKAY is filled with similar vibes. If you liked this then definitely give it a listen

Listen/buy on bandcamp

warpaint-heads-up Warpaint – So Good

The title says it all. I haven’t had much time to listen to Warpaint’s latest album Heads Up yet but this song stood out on the first couple of listens. With a driving beat and rad harmonies this is Warpaint doing what Warpaint do best. Based on my first impressions and how much I loved their self-titled album, this is going to be showing up here a lot

ybi-gudYou Blew It! – Good For Bond, Bad For You

You Blew It! announced a new album this week and reminded me that it’s been way too long since I listened to them. Easily one of my favourite bands from the revival, this album is start to finish gold. Based on the first song from the new album their new one will be too

Listen/buy on bandcamp

knxwledge-hud-dreems Knxwledge – letuleave.[geekdop]

Been listening to this album a lot in preparation for his NxWorries album with Anderson Paak that’s out later this year. The beats on this are tight, and Paak’s album Malibu is easily one of my favourite albums to drop this year so I’m looking forward to this a lot

Listen/buy on bandcamp

foxing-dealerFoxing – Glass Coughs

I don’t know why this album doesn’t get more love but it deserves more than it gets. Dealer is beautiful, quiet (but appropriately explosive where needed) and stunning. I struggled picking a song from it, but went with Glass Coughs because the last half of that song is fucking perfect

Listen/buy on bandcamp

foxwound-ipytf Fox Wound – In Passing

Shout out to Consequence of Sound for describing Fox Wound as “spasmodic fits of post-hardcore screams and Mogwai-esque guitar trilling” because I was sold and their debut album In Passing, You Too Faded lived up to the hopes that description raised in me. If I was even slightly interested in an album of the year list this would be near the top

Listen/buy on bandcamp

ome-a-very-special-epOpen Mike Eagle – Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps)

Open Mike Eagle is the best. Gold Panda killed the production on this song. The lyrics speak to my soul. There’s not much more to say. Listen to all of his music, it’s all dope

Listen/buy on bandcamp


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