What up, what up. I would’ve written more here but I got caught up listening to Danny Brown and Bon Iver over and over, you’re lucky this week’s playlist isn’t just the two of them. Lucky’s not the right word, they’re both really good, you should listen to them. BUT FIRST:

ICYMI: week 01 is here and week 02 is here.

This week’s playlist is HERE, click through for this week’s write up


Kanye West – Ultralight Beam

My week started off with a Chance the Rapper binge, kicked off by a video of him and Kanye performing Ultralight Beam at his Magnificent Coloring Book festival. The video I watched has been taken down but man seeing the two of them so visibly hyped to be performing together in Chicago was dope. It reminded me that I’d been sleeping on both The Life of Pablo and Coloring Book

ctr-cbChance the Rapper – Same Drugs

Earlier in the week I honestly thought the playlist would be filled entirely with Chance and Ye songs but this week surprised me in the best ways so it’s just these first two tracks. I could’ve easily put most tracks from Coloring Book on here (anything bar Mixtape tbh) but I chose Same Drugs and I’m not reeeeally sure why. I think it was the first song that hooked me immediately from the mixtape but Idk. It’s a jam

dc-oeDiet Cig – Pool Boyz / Scene Sick

I’ve listened to this EP so much the last couple of weeks and I’m still not any closer to being tired of it. The whole thing is some of the nicest pop rock I’ve heard in awhile, Pool Boyz exemplifies the more explosive side of their vibe while Scene Sick captures the more mellow side. The whole thing is like 10 minutes long, listen to it and join me in praying for more from these two soon

Listen/buy on bandcamp

db-aeDanny Brown – Ain’t it Funny / Dance in the Water

If you haven’t listened to this album in full you should maybe think about putting your read on pause and rectifying that ASAP. It’s easily the best hip hop album I’ve heard this year, and Ain’t it Funny is a strong contender for the best new song I’ve heard this year. I still don’t quite understand just how Danny managed to murder such an off kilter beat but whew I’m glad he did. Then there’s Dance in the Water, which I think captures the post-punk-with-rap vibe better than any other single song on here. The album as a whole could’ve gone wrong in anybody else’s hands but Danny and Paul White (and the couple guest producers) have put out something special

pr-sPurity Ring – Lofticries

I’m going to try my best to stop writing about how much of a struggle I have choosing which song from an album to include on here I promise. But AGAIN, this album is so solid and any one of the songs would be worthy of being singled out and again I’m not entirely sure why I chose Lofticries specifically. If you ever get the chance to see these two live do it, they were the highlight of my Laneway this year

bi-22-amBon Iver – 33 “GOD”

I only bought this album two days ago but it’s been pretty much the only thing I’ve listened to since I bought it. Like I said in one of the previous weeks, I never really got into Bon Iver that heavily before this year, but was blown away by the tracks they released leading up to 22, a million. I can’t think of anything else that sounds like this, and 33 “GOD” is easily one of the most eerily beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard

Listen/buy on bandcamp

e-v Enemies – itsallwaves

Enemies were the first math rock band I think I ever listened to. It was around the time that Coco et Moi dropped and I quickly made up for lost time and fell in love with their excellent album We’ve Been Talking. This week, they announced that their forthcoming album Valuables will be their last and I can’t help but feel bittersweet about it. First single itsallwaves promises a solid piece of art, but damn I’m going to miss these guys.

Preorder Valuables on bandcamp

clppng-smClipping – Air ‘Em Out

Splendor & Misery isn’t my favourite Clipping album, but it’s a very cool piece of art nonetheless. Air ‘Em Out is one of the more “traditional” (feels weird using that word to describe anything Clipping tbh) Clipping songs on here but even it is filled with gas hisses and echoey background noise fitting the noises-of-a-space-ship-as-beats concept of the album. I dig it a lot

Listen/buy on bandcamp


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