It’s miserable outside and I regret getting out of bed but I said I’d do this so HERE is another playlist

If you haven’t yet, check out weeks 01, 02 and 03

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jm-cody Joyce Manor – Last You Heard of Me / Reversing Machine

Oh boy. Cody is out, and it’s everything I hoped it would be (a phrase which here means “a good album”)

More polished than Never Hungover AgainCody is full of hooks and might be the catchiest album I’ve listened to this year so far. Just like their previous albums, Joyce Manor have delivered another album I want to put on again the minute it’s over

Listen/buy on bandcamp

gold-panda-gladybGold Panda – In My Car

The only thing wrong with Good Luck and Do Your Best is that Open Mike Eagle isn’t rapping on any of these tracks. He and Gold Panda have worked together before (see week 02 for more) and In My Car is exactly the type of beat that Mike sounds best on. Despite that: this whole album is dope af, and it’s become another one of those lyricless albums I’ll chuck on when called upon for chill background music

Listen/buy on bandcamp

hotelyr-goodnsThe Hotelier – Soft Animal

The more I listen to The Hotelier’s Goodness, the more I feel like it’s being unfairly judged due to people comparing it to it’s older sibling Home, Like Noplace is There. Sure, Home is pretty close to perfect. But there is an understated greatness to Goodness and I can’t help but feel a bit bummed that people aren’t giving it the respect it deserves (I feel the same way about Foxing’s Dealer and The Albatross)

Listen/buy on bandcamp

ratbois-aoidRatboys – Charles Bernstein / And

I’m not sure why I took so long to get around to listening to Ratboys (it might be the slightly off-putting genre tag of “post-country” which does make sense here, somehow) but I’ve spent a lot of this week making up for lost time. Their debut album AOID is some seriously tight folk/indie and a great reminder of why genres are largely bullshit (sometimes)

Listen/buy on bandcamp

vince-summertime-06Vince Staples – Hang N’ Bang (feat. A$ton Matthews)

I’m gonna need all of y’all out there reading this to pray that Vince Staples’ Auckland show in December doesn’t sell out before my next payday. Because holy shit I need to see him again. He was one of the many highlights of Laneway’s last Silo Park outing and seeing him at The Powerstation (probably my favourite venue of its size) promises to be amazing

Follow Vince on twitter because he’s one of the greats

mo-ilavlacManchester Orchestra – Colly Strings

See these dudes live if you get the chance. Please

s-u-r-v-i-v-e-rrnumbersidkS U R V I V E – Sorcerer

Honestly I was a little unsure about whether this would be a good album. The hype around S U R V I V E has been huge after two members scored the (admittedly excellent and hypeworthy) Netflix show Stranger Things and I wasn’t sure how much of the hype was due to people/publications wanting to ride that hype train. I was foolish, this album rips. I haven’t listened to a lot of synthy stuff in this style but between this and the aforementioned score, I will be doing my best to change that

Listen/buy on bandcamp

bi-22-amBon Iver – (8) Circle

I didn’t want to have too many double ups last week, but this song probably should’ve been on that playlist. It’s fucking beautiful, and easily my favourite 22, a Million track that I hadn’t heard before it dropped. The way that more elements are folded in as the song progresses only to drop away for a haunting bridge is absolutely stunning. “The Sad Sax of Shit” as the credits describe them, fucking nailed it on this one

Listen/buy on bandcamp


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