It’s the fifth week of this playlist and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it, the write up I did for last week ended up pretty much exactly how I envisioned the write up would go so here’s hoping I can tap into whatever well I found last week. I feel like I could sleep for an entire week though, so maybe not

ANYWAY, playlist is on Spotify HERE and you can find the previous weeks here: 01, 02, 03 and 04

Click through for this weeks write ups

eits-wildExplosions in the Sky – Wilderness

I don’t say this lightly but I think The Wilderness might be my favourite Explosions in the Sky album now. The album sees the band pushing the boundaries of their particular brand of post-rock, more willing to break the patterns and incorporate disparate sounds to create a unified sound that is aptly summed up in the albums title. It’s beautiful, the artwork is amazing and wandering around the Auckland art gallery listening to it was a 10/10 experience

Listen/buy on bandcamp

wo-lolWashed Out – Feel It All Around

This week I learned that I’ve been sleeping on Washed Out. I was re-listening to Childish Gambino’s rapping-over-indie-tracks tape I AM JUST A RAPPER 2 (free download here) for the first time in years and when I got to Different ft. DC Pierson I started kicking myself for not checking out who did the original track sooner. I’ve been jamming this EP a lot this week, and it’s nice af

Listen/buy on bandcamp

phoebe-waiting-roomPhoebe Bridgers – Waiting Room

I can’t remember exactly where I read this name, I feel like it was Stereogum maybe, but wherever I did mentioned that Phoebe had been opening for Julien Baker and so I wrote it on my hand to check out. Glad I did, because the songs of Phoebes that I’ve checked out so far go a long way to filling in my need for more Julien Baker-esque jams. I’m in love with the way this song builds up to a crashing finale and am definitely going to try keep track of what she does next

Listen/download on bandcamp

pusha-t-hgtvPusha T – H.G.T.V

Hoooooooly shit. This track has everything I love about Pusha T. Minimalistic beat. No hook. Bars and bars and bars. I didn’t think it was possible to get more hype for King Push but here we are. The dude’s been dropping fantastic projects for years now, and has yet to disappoint (apart from that one song with Kelly Rowland tho)


cuyh-yaiCut Off Your Hands – Expectations

Is it bad that it’s taken until week 5 for me to include a local band on here? Do I owe it to local bands to feature them here on some sort of quota? I mean, I go to live shows as often as I can, and fer sure there is a tonne of great stuff coming out, but I’m trying to keep up with basing the playlist on what I’m actually listening to so I don’t really want to fuck with that. ANYWAY, I caught these guys live again last Friday and once again they fucking killed it. Seriously, go see them. You will have fun. They played at new Auckland venue REC, a place I can already tell I’m going to spend a lot of time

Listen/buy on bandcamp

jm-codyJoyce Manor – Make Me Dumb

Every week until all y’all like it. No but seriously, I fall more in love with this album with every listen. It’s the perfect next step for these dudes, more mature, more considered, a more fully realised version of what they’ve been playing for years now. Seeing them live is right near the top of my bucket list, and I can tell you right now there’s gonna be another track from this on here next week

Listen/buy on bandcamp

sampha-dual-epSampha – Indecision

The more I hear from this dude the more hype I get for his upcoming album Process. Blood On Me is one of my favourite tracks from this year already (the video is dope too) and the whole of his Dual EP from 2013 is dope as hell. I had just been thinking I need more piano centric music in my life, and so finding this EP has really scratched that itch. Going to be keeping an ear out for this dude for a while fur sure

clppng-wriggleClipping – Hot Fuck No Love feat. Cakes da Killa & Maxi Wild

Wriggle remains far and away my favourite Clipping release from this year (REMXNG comes close tho I guess). Every track on here is them at their best, and every featured act absolutely kills this shit. Rapper Daveed Diggs seems to be getting a tonne of exposure as Hamilton explodes across every single part of the pop culture landscape and I can only hope that turns more people onto the great shit he’s putting out as a part of Clipping

Listen/buy on bandcamp

grems-art-anglesGrimes – Venus Fly feat. Janalle Monáe

Another week, another act from this years Laneway fest. One of my only regrets from this past year’s fest is that I didn’t get to stick around for the entirety of Grimes’ set due to a clash with I think it was Beach House (even then, Beach House played at sunset right on the waterfront and it was PERFECT so how mad can I really get). This album has become one of my favourites from last year, and this track especially sums up the best of what I love about it

hotelyr-homeThe Hotelier – An Introduction to the Album

Listening to and writing about Goodness last week made me remember how fucking great this band is and so I started jamming Home, Like Noplace Is There again. Good lord, this album might be perfect. An Introduction to the Album lives up to its title, a perfect welcome to what comes after it. I get chills when the music drops out for a second towards the end of the song as Holden’s singing morphs into a pained scream

Listen/buy on bandcamp


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