What up what up. The sun is shining, it’s the middle of a long weekend and we’re having a BBQ later today so I’ll keep this brief. Feels weird to complain but 2016 needs to chill with the good music. There’s too much and I can’t keep up. I love it

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Queens of the Stone Age – You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire

It’s been wayyyy too long since I last listened to these guys, as I discovered this week. This album soundtracked the last part of a drive to the homie’s bach and I had forgotten just how fucking well this album sets the vibe right from the start. I still think Lullabies to Paralyze is their best work, but there’s something about this album that suits a late night drive perfectly.


amfo-iiAmerican Football – My Instincts Are the Enemy / Desire Gets in the Way

I spent a long time willfully forgetting that this album was coming out. I avoided all except the first songs premiered in the build up to its release. I avoided all reactions, reviews, thinkpieces and fluffpieces that I would normally read in the lead up to the album dropping in an attempt to avoid disappointment. That was all needless as holy shit this album is great. These two tracks are early standouts but honestly the whole thing is fantastic. There aren’t really any bands among their contemporaries or devotees who do the twinkly math-y indie/emo stuff just like them and this album gives me hope that this isn’t the last they put out Americ Anfootball forever

Listen/buy on bandcamp

jm-codyJoyce Manor – Eighteen

I told y’all this would be here. My vinyl copy of this album arrived and so I’ve still found time to jam it despite all the other music coming out. I refuse to shut up about how god damn great this album / band are until everybody I know is singing their praises. The only downside to being so in love with this band is the crushing disappointment that comes with the knowledge that I’ll probably never get to see them live. Prayin I’m wrong tho

Listen/buy on bandcamp

nxworries-yes-lawdNxWorries – Suede / Scared Money

Anderson Paak is having a fucking amazing 2016. He already dropped one of the best albums this year in Malibu and here is again on yet another sick project, this time working exclusively with producer Knxwledge as NxWorries. This is a team up for the ages, and this album proves what incredible talents both these dudes are

Listen/buy on bandcamp

ssb-cashmereSwet Shop Boys – Zayn Malik

Damn it’s great to have Heems doing his thing again. Last year’s Eat Pray Thug was cool, but I don’t find myself pulled to return to it as much as I wish I was. This album is different. Paired with British rapper Riz MC and producer Redinho this album finds both rappers spitting political raps over some seriously tight bangers. This album kinda proves just how well Heems can work when he’s got somebody balancing him out, he does his slightly more relaxed shit where Riz is more sharp and cutting and the two combined is what makes this album so good

Listen/buy on bandcamp

lucy-burdnLucy Dacus – Map on a Wall

One of my flatmates brought this album home from work and told me “you might like this maybe” and he was right. This album is right up my alley and more proof that this year is overflowing with great releases. I’m sorry that this slipped past me when it first dropped, but I’ll be doing my best to make up for lost time. This song is one of the longer ones, but it slowly builds up to the special kind of cacophony that I love so much

Listen/buy on bandcamp

fo-blondFrank Ocean – Nights

I’m still going back and forth over which of Blonde or Endless I prefer and I’m in no real rush to ever conclusively decide one way or another. They’re both ethereal but fully formed pieces of work, and I dig what he’s doing on both a lot. I still think those who were complaining about the wait between releases were in the wrong, and hope that the quality of all this music will go far in teaching some people patience. It won’t, but it’s nice to hope

twdy-alThis Will Destroy You – Invitation

There are a lot of things related to my turntable / amp / speakers that I just assume will be difficult. I hadn’t ever listened to my record copy of Another Language purely because I couldn’t bring myself to look into how to change the speed of my turntable. Cody showed up and changed that, turns out it’s easy as shit and I’m a terrible person for not doing it sooner. This album is one of my favourite post-rock albums, and the artwork is seriously nice in its minimalism

Listen/buy on bandcamp


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