This is way later than it should’ve been but I’m still SO hungover and today is cancelled so I’m kind of impressed I’m writing one of these at all

As always, the playlist is on Spotify HERE and previous weeks are all up HERE

Click through for this weeks admittedly shorter than normal write up

milo-fliesMilo – Re: animist

I’ve been listening to Open Mike Eagle’s podcast Secret Skin a lot lately and he talked to Milo on a couple of recent episodes which reminded me that it’s been wayyyyyyy too long since I gave this album a listen. Easily one of my favourite rap albums from last year

Listen/buy on bandcamp

kw-tlopKanye West – Saint Pablo (feat. Sampha)

I gave up on keeping track of the changes to The Life Of Pablo just a bit too soon, as I didn’t even realise this song had been added on to the end. My bad. This song is doooooope, Sampha kills the hook and the beat is one of the best on the album

warpaint-heads-upWarpaint – Don’t Wanna

I haven’t had the time to give this album the time it probably deserves but I still enjoy it more every time I listen to it. I still think So Good is the best song on the album (it really is so good) but this one is a jammmmmmm too

ctr-cbChance the Rapper – All Night (feat. Knox Fortune)

There’s a Kaytranada remix of this song floating around the internet somewhere which is dope but this song slaps as is. Will I link it here? Honestly probably should link it. The hangover has resurfaced at this point and I’m so very close to being done with this but ahhhhhhhh.

Okay nvm I found it

fil-better-nowFrom Indian Lakes – Blank Tapes

This is the album I’ve been jamming most this week. It’s seriously tight indie/emo/idk and I definitely need to spend some time catching up on all this dude’s earlier stuff cause if it’s anything like this one it’ll be worth the time. Beautifully melodic with lush instrumentation, it’s a good chill listen all the way through

Listen/buy on bandcamp

kaytra-999Kaytranada – You’re the One (feat. Syd)

I don’t really have that much to say about the Kaytranada show last Friday but it was a good time. He played way more of his own stuff than I was expecting him to which was awesome. This is still my go-to party jam album and would be on my end of year album list if I had any inclination whatsoever to put one together. But I still think end of year lists are kinda dumb sooooo naw

slow-mass-treasure-painsSlow Mass – Clint Eastwood

I’ve been excited for this EP for a while now. I listened to the three tracks they dropped in the lead up to its release a lot and loved them instantly. I was drawn in by the fact that the band features a couple of members of Into It. Over It. (who I just now realised I need to listen to again) and thank god I did. The drumming is insane, both vocalists are fantastic and all the songs are fully formed and fleshed out

Listen/buy on bandcamp

warpaint-warpaintWarpaint – Disco//very

Still the best Warpaint song. There’s a remix EP out there with two alt takes of this song that are worth tracking down. An El-P remix of Keep it Healthy is on there too and now I’m thinking I should’ve put that on here too. Next week maybe

milo-toothpasteMilo – A Day Trip to the Nightosphere (feat. Anderson Paak)

This would’ve been the first song I heard Anderson Paak on. I don’t know why I didn’t think to check him out back when this dropped but hey. I’m up on it now

topgunBerlin – Take My Breath Away (Love theme from “Top Gun”)



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