[Long Play is a new feature I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now. The idea is that these will be more of an extended recommendation than an actual review but I refuse to commit to anything concrete so who knows what’ll happen. Fuck, this might be the only one I do]

Honestly surprised that a loose concept album about a world in which the apocalypse happens after Trump works out he can remain in office forever through cloning ended up being as enjoyable as Broadcasted is. Production duo The Hood Internet have teamed up with rapper ShowYouSuck as Air Credits and goddamn this had better not be the only time they doaircreds-broad

The beats on this thing all offer up something different, every sample is flipped and warped masterfully into seamless jams, the synths are all put to work expertly and there’s enough change that nothing overstays its welcome. The concept is referenced every now and again but it’s nothing too heavy, more a framing device for a wide range of pop culture shout outs than a strict narrative and Show’s rapping and lyrics are a huge part of why this album works so well. He’s never overpowered by any of the beats, and where other rappers show up (like DOOMTREE member Sims on the excellent NO LIMIT and GEAR SHIFTIN) neither ends up seeming like they lost out to the other

Shit is free on bandcamp, check it out

Stand out tracks: both the aforementioned Sims featuring tracks, lead single NO WATER (video below), GG TOLD ME, Cudi-esque SO HEAVY, ALL I NEED PTS I & II


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