Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo. Two months in and I still don’t hate doing this so I must be doing something right. Please appreciate how hard it was to make this week’s playlist something more than just Japandroids songs because lawd I almost did

ICYMI I started a new thing I’m calling Long Play which kicked off with an extended ramble about the album Broadcasted by Air Credits which is up over hurr. All previous week’s playlists are up hurr. The playlist is as always over hurr

Click through for this week’s write up:

PrintJapandroids – Near to the Wild Heart of Life

I didn’t realise just how much I needed new Japandroids in my life until this week. I need it a lot. This new song see the Canadian duo ever so slightly more mature than their last outing, there’s just a little bit more to the sound than just guitar and drums but exactly the same amount of fun. Just like on everything else they’ve done, the hook on the title track seems like it was purpose built for yelling along to as part of a chorus of sweaty fans in a tiny venue

Listen/buy on bandcamp

cavanaugh-time-n-materialsCavanaugh – Wonder Girl

iTunes tells me I’ve listened to this album at least 20 times and yet every time I give it a listen it feels like I haven’t given it nearly enough attention. The project from Open Mike Eagle and Serengeti was produced entirely by Open Mike himself and it is all goddamn beautiful but whew Wonder Girl is on another level. I reached out to him on twitter ages ago to tell him I wished it was longer and he told me it was at one point. I’ll dream about hearing that full version for years

Listen/buy on bandcamp

clppng-30-daysClipping – Fat Fingers

I am, like I imagine much of the world must be, incredibly eager for this election to be over already but hey. While there’s still the threat of a hateful would-be tyrant hanging around may as well enjoy the fantastic art being created in opposition to his hateful rhetoric. Context and content aside, Fat Fingers is a tight Clipping song, and I will definitely still be listening to it long after that orange hatemuffin disappears back into the reality TV cesspit he crawled out from

japan-celebrationJapandroids – Adrenaline Nightshift

Like I said up top, this playlist could very easily have been all Japandroids this week. Maybe it should’ve. The announcement of the new album was the perfect reminder of just how long it had been since I really sank myself into their albums. I’ve had at least one of their songs stuck in my head each day since the first song dropped and it’s definitely helped my mental state a lot. Here’s hoping they come back and play two shows in one year again

Listen/buy on bandcamp

ome-hella-personalOpen Mike Eagle + Paul White – A Short About a Guy Who Dies Every Night

In case you haven’t realised I really like Open Mike Eagle a lot. The dudes music speaks to me on a very real level, his podcast and his twitter do just as well as exemplifying just why he cuts through too. This album is produced entirely by Paul White and sees Open Mike adapting to some beats that are maybe a little further out there than what he would normally rap on or maybe that’s bullshit. They’re a little strange in the best possible way and Mike manages to comfortably do his thing over all of em while the loose concept of every track being a different film at a film fest is one that I wouldn’t mind seeing revisited later on it’s so good

Listen/buy on bandcamp

zen-mantra-weird-disconnect-epZen Mantra – When You Wake

I’ve had this album open in a tab on my laptop since seeing Zen Mantra live at Other’s Way back in September and have only just got around to giving it a listen. It’s not what I was expecting after the live show but nonetheless it’s good. That shouldn’t be surprising though, Zen Mantra is the side project of Yumi Zouma’s Sam Perry and though the genre of music is pretty different, the attention and skill behind it is on a very similar level. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for a chance to see them again

Listen/buy on bandcamp

rtj-talk-to-meRun the Jewels – Talk to Me

Oh. Shit. It’s happening. RTJ3 season approaching. Get fucking hype y’all if this track is any indication the boys are about to kick shit up to a heretofore undiscovered notch somewhere above the brilliant RTJ2. I don’t know how El manages to keep pushing his production to new extremes but I do know I’m incredibly glad he does. Whether this drops this year or next let the record show I’m ready as fuck for whatever they’ve got in store

japan-postJapandroids – Heart Sweats

Last Japandroids track for this week I swear. This track is the one that gets stuck in my head most often and is a strong contender for my favourite thing they’ve recorded yet. I know fer sure that screaming every single goddamn word with a packed crowd at the King’s Arms in 2013 is one of my all time favourite concert moments and I really hope I get the chance to experience that again at least one more time in my life. Some hearts bleed, my heart sweats

Listen/buy on bandcamp

beach-house-bachBeach House – Childhood

This morning I listened to Beach House by Beach House in a beach house and it was everything. As of writing this I’m making an informal promise myself to listen to Beach House during at least one sunset a week for the entirety of summer. That’s how I spent sunset at this year’s Laneway and it was perfect. Good lord, I need to see this band again. If for some reason you are somebody who has the power to help make that happen and you’re reading this, however fucking unlikely and improbably that is, please make it happen

old-grayOld Gray – Everything is in Your Hands

I literally only listened to this song 10 minutes before I started writing this week’s playlist and from the first 30 seconds I knew I had to include it. The At the Drive In esque guitar stabs. The slow bleed out of clean vocals giving way to the screamed ones. Every single goddamn motherfucking thing about this song hooked me from listen one. I didn’t know how much I needed this song this week, I only wish I’d found it a little earlier

Listen/buy on bandcamp


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