What uuuuuuup. Lots of dope music dropped this week which kinda helped with all the straight up shitty things that happened. In addition to the playlist, I’m gonna go ahead and recommend Foxing’s excellent cover of Dido’s White Flag, which is up on Bandcamp as a pay what you want purchase. All sales go toward either recovering from their latest van accident, Planned Parenthood or the ACLU so if you dig it flick em a couple dollars

As always the playlist is on Spotify HERE. The past eight weeks of playlists are up over HERE.

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sleaterkinner-bad-oneSleater-Kinney – Was it a Lie?

I can’t remember when I first tried listening to Sleater-Kinney but I do remember that I didn’t immediately click with what they were doing. I think it was The Woods that I listened to but yeah. Couldn’t get into it. Flash forward to this week and I for whatever reason decided to give them another go and put on All Hands on the Bad One. I’ve been foolish, this album is great. This band is great. Listen to it.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

elliott-smith-xoElliott Smith – Independence Day

Elliott Smith might be my favourite musician that I can’t listen to on a regular basis. The combination of his brilliantly cutting writing and his own tragic story means that listening to his music for any extended time is almost like an exercise in emotional self-harm. That said, the dude could fucking write. His songs are perfectly constructed, his sense for melody was incredible and his knack for lyrics that hang around your head indefinitely was genius

a-picture-of-her-cA Picture of Her – picnic-perfect

There is something I find immensely calming about math-rock, specifically the brand of math-rock peddled by bands like A Picture of Her, Toe, Enemies and TTNG. I’ve been listening to the genre in some capacity for a few years now but have only just noticed the calming effect this week. This album came out in 2013 and I’m still yet to get even a little tired of it. Here’s hoping they start working on something new soon, the world could use more of their specific brand of math

Listen on bandcamp

enemies-weve-been-talkingEnemies – Creamist

Speaking of math-rock (whoa, is that the first proper segue I’ve had on here? Weird) Enemies were the band that got me into the genre and I’m just now realising I think I wrote about exactly this in a previous week (I did! All the way back in week 03). Well anyway. I revisited this album again this week and it still manages to blow me away. The songs are all constructed so magnificently, there’s a flow to each of them that is a huge part of why this band remains such a huge draw. I’ve said this before, but I’m going to miss them a lot

Listen/buy on bandcamp

say-yes-elliott-smith-tributeJulien Baker – Ballad of Big Nothing

Julien Baker put out what is probably my favourite album of 2015 and the strength of that album has ensured that I’ll be listening to anything she does from here on in. This Elliott Smith cover is even more evidence of just how great a talent this woman is, managing to respect the original while simultaneously making the song her own. I don’t know if I’ll be able to listen to Elliott Smith without also needing to hear this version of the song

tmg-sunset-treeThe Mountain Goats – This Year

This is the only song by The Mountain Goats that I’ve ever knowingly listened to. Not for long though. I checked this song out after a combination of finishing bandleader John Darnielle’s novel Wolf in White Van (which was a great read just btw) and seeing links to it pop up in reference to 2016’s onslaught of bad news. It fits. I’ll be singing this all the way through to 2017

gambino-awaken-my-loveChildish Gambino – Me and Your Mama

Y E S. He’s back. Donald Glover’s creative output this year looks to be staying on a hot streak, as everything about this song/forthcoming album Awaken, My Love! sounds dope as all hell. By the looks of things/firsthand reports from his PHAROS events earlier this year, this album is about to be full of Funkadelic-esque jams and I am way on board for that. OH and if you haven’t seen Atlanta yet get on that because whoa what a show

atcq-we-got-itA Tribe Called Quest – Mobius

What a fucking finale this album is. Tribe pulled through with this one, delivering a wave goodbye that doesn’t sound like a throwback record or an old-heads-try-to-stay-relevant record or even a let’s-get-paid-one-last-time record. Everybody came together and did their thing and did it WELL. Every feature fits the vibe seamlessly, every beat is interesting and complex without being overbearing. I can see myself listening to this a lot more, digging into the intricacies of both the lyrics and the songs as a whole themselves. RIP Phife Dawg

ybi-abendrotYou Blew It! – Autotheology

Other people will write about how much more mature and developed this new You Blew It! album is with far more grace than I could even attempt to conjure so I’ll leave that to them and just say that this album is incredible. Lyrically. Sonically. Everythinglly. Just fucking great start to finish. I’ve been listening to these guys for a couple years now and if they keep coming out with work this great I won’t be stopping anytime soon

Listen/buy on bandcamp

ratbois-aoidRatboys – Postman Song

I still can’t believe I waited so long to listen to this and I refuse to shut up about how good it is. Ratboys are the best. This song is yet another ripper from an album full of em. I’m out of things to say, it would probably be best to let the song speak for itself at this point. Listen to it

Listen/buy on bandcamp


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