Whaaaaaaat up. Week 10. It’s late and this one is probably gonna be brief*. Do yourself a favour and head to the movies to watch Arrival for sure, and if you’ve seen that already then Nocturnal Animals is pretty good too. But priority should definitely go to Arrival

As always, the playlist is up on Spotify over hurr. All the other weeks are over heeeeere

Click through for the write up on this week’s list

atcq-we-got-it A Tribe Called Quest – We The People / Solid Wall of Sound

Like I predicted last week, I’m still listening to this a lot discovering new moments to love each time I give it a play through. Most days this week I’ve randomly had We The People stuck in my head at one point. If you can, definitely check out their performances from last week’s Saturday Night Live as they killed that shit. Keeping my fingers crossed that their farewell tour behind this fantastic work of art makes its way over to our shores.

bespin-oepBespin – Take Control

Not sure how I managed this but last night after leaving my work Christmas do (in November. Yeah.) I went along to Rec to catch Bespin for I think the second time (even got to see Seth Frightening for once too. They were sick too, check them out). This song is probably the first track of theirs I heard and it’s still my favourite. The main riff that drives the song is so punishingly crushing, but there’s a shimmery beauty to the song at the whole that balances everything out. These dudes are making seriously good stuff and I can’t wait to see them live again, and eagerly await hearing their new tracks that they performed last night

Listen/buy on bandcamp

the-ntnl-boxThe National – Mistaken for Strangers

I’m kind of surprised it’s taken this long for The National to show up on one of these. They’re hands down my favourite band, though I do somehow sometimes go for long stretches of time without listening to them I guess. This week saw a cover of this song by greatest pop-punk band Joyce Manor released as part of The AV Club’s Undercover series and it reminded me of how much I needed to be spending more time with The National (as well as being a dope cover, def check it out)

ok-atliensOutkast – Elevators (Me and You)

My flatmate has been playing this a bunch around the house and this is in no way shape or form a bad thing at all. Song is a banger. God I wish these two were still working together. Both 3 stacks and Big Boi have been keeping busy and yeah it’s nice to hear Andre on so many tracks this year but shit, there’s nothing quite like the two of em on a track trading verses


cuyh-hateCut Off Your Hands – Hate Somebody

So when I wrote about that Cut Off Your Hands gig at Rec I mentioned new songs and yoooooooo here’s one of em. We managed to see this song probably three or four times after accidentally catching the band soundchecking but whew it’s not a bad song at all to hear that many times in a row. Please believe me when I say that this song comes alive in person and is somehow even greater than it is here. Catch these dudes live. Seriously. You’ll love it

Listen/buy on bandcamp

ybi-abendrotYou Blew It! – Arrowhead

I’m kind of at a loss for words as to what I should be saying about this album. I love it more each time I hear it but I’m having a hard time putting that into words. It’s a beautiful, contemplative, considered album full of wonderful moments and stunning lyricism. The songs are all incredibly well written and the more I hear it the more I think it’s the best thing they’ve done yet. I’m not sure those words do it justice but they’ll do for now

Listen/buy on bandcamp

julien-baker-sprainedJulien Baker – Something

Hey look it’s another artist pulling back-to-back playlist duty. Sorry (not really tho). As much as I try avoid the whole AOTY thing nowadays I feel pretty comfortable describing this as my favourite album from last year. It’s a quietly devastating, fully formed, beautiful work of art and every time I listen to it it captures the entirety of my attention

Listen/buy on bandcamp

jm-codyJoyce Manor – This Song Is A Mess But So Am I

I thought about checking to make sure that I hadn’t already included this song on a previous list but I’m pretty sure I haven’t yet. So if it has, sorry. But shit goddamn I am still not sick of this album even a little bit. This song closes out the record, and has become one of my favourites. I’m listening to it as I write this and it’s somehow reminding me of Never Hungover Again but I can’t place how it’s doing that exactly but that would go a long way to explaining why I love it so much

Listen/buy on bandcamp

portishe-dumPortishead – Dummy

This album might be truly flawless. It’s easily my favourite trip-hop album and maybe the only complaint I would have is that it sometimes reminds me a little too much of the winter study period of one of my university years right after I had started listening to it as it was pretty much the only study music I had for the entire study break. That’s on me though. I’m trying to disassociate this from the memories of that cold library and the awful papers that I’m not really using at all but it’s a work in progress. Anyway. If you haven’t heard their heartbreaking cover of Abba’s SOS do yourself a favour and check it out right goddamn now

*this ended up being pretty much as long as it usually is. Sometimes I forget how easy it is to write these things once I get going


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