Yooooooooooooo what up hello hey hi. Week eleven y’all. Get in there. I should be sleeping right now [fell asleep while writing this lol. sleep is fun and important]

Playlist is on Spotify HERE, old ones are up over HERE, go HERE for one of films all time great editing accomplishments

Write up is through hurr:

jeff-worryJeff Rosenstock – Pash Rash

This song is a jam on an album that is on the whole pretty full of em (there are a couple that don’t click (here’s looking at you, that one overly ska song (I still don’t understand ska and I’m not apologising))). Not sure who is in charge of keeping track but I would like to formally cash in my late pass. I can already tell that a bunch of the tracks on this are going to be stuck in my head all week/month/year

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gol-pan-daGold Panda – Chiba Nights (John Roberts Remix)

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on here yet but I’m starting to realise that Gold Panda has become my favourite electronic musician/producer/whatever-the-fuck-you-want-to-call-it. One of the things I love most about following him is the rate at which new music or remixes are dropped and the consistent quality there is to everything he does or is attached to. This is a jam, the whole remix ep is a jam, Good Luck and Do Your Best is one of the best albums to come out this year

Listen/buy on bandcamp

julien-baker-sprainedJulien Baker – Sprained Ankle

This was the first Julien Baker song I heard and I thiiiiink it’s still my favourite. If it’s not perfect it’s damn near enough that it may as well be included in that class anyway. The harmonics that anchor the song are incredible, the backing vocals that kick in around 1:35 are heavenly and the vocals and lyrics in general are typically fantastic

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fennec-greefFennec – Can’t Say Goodbye

Fennec’s Grief Stage Player EP was apparently born out of the post-relationship heartbreak but I don’t know if I would be able to pick that if I hadn’t read it before listening. There’s a hopefulness to the EP that maybe is just a result of the genre but IDK. I feel out of my element writing about this sort of stuff. REGARDLESS, the EP is dope as fuck and if you haven’t listened to Let Your Heart Break go do that once you’re done here

Listen/buy on bandcamp

old-gray-an-autOld Gray – Wolves

I’ve been listening to this album a lot lately as I get more and more hype for the forthcoming Slow Burn. Between the two songs they’ve released from that album so far and all the songs on here I’ve got some very high expectations. Everything about this song sets the scene for this album incredibly well, the gang vocals scratch that itch I get for a good singalong and boy do those screamed vocals feel cathartic

Listen/buy on bandcamp

saba-bucketSaba – Church / Liquor Store (feat. Noname)

It honestly seems like most of the rap projects I’ve enjoyed the most this year have come out of Chicago and Saba’s Bucket List Project is one to add to that list. There’s a bunch more songs on here that I almost included but Noname’s feature on this track meant I had to do this one. Like always, she killed this shit. Shout out to Hannibal Buress for constantly plugging this tape on his podcast, I might’ve forgotten about it if not for that

Listen on soundcloud

cloud-nothings-life-without-soundCloud Nothings – Internal World

I got into Japandroids and Cloud Nothings around the same time, right before they both played Laneway back in 2013 and the fact that they’re both about to drop new projects is hitting my nostalgia button hard. Between Attack on Memory and Here and Nowhere Else Cloud Nothings haven’t disappointed yet and the two tracks off Life Without Sound seem to indicate that they don’t plan on starting anytime soon

Listen/buy on bandcamp

abel-starbeyThe Weeknd – Sidewalks (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

I haven’t had enough time to listen to this album as much as I want to but what I’ve heard so far I’ve enjoyed a lot. The Weeknd is one of those acts that I have enjoyed every time I listen to, but hear often enough when hanging out with other people that I don’t sit down by myself with it all that much which sounds dumb and probably is. There is too much music and not enough time and I will continue complaining about that until one of you does something about it. Please

angel-olsen-my-womanAngel Olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me

I’m seeing Angel Olsen in a couple of weeks and so My Woman is getting added back into my regular rotation. This song is probably still my favourite one to come out this year and holy fuck I can’t wait to see Angel and her band perform it live. The video for it is great too, but you’ll have to find that yourself as I’m now writing this at work and you tube is blocked. Can one of you print out this page, twink over that last sentence and write in the url then send me a picture of it so I can update this with the link? That’s the only way I can see this whole thing working out. Thanks in advance

Listen/buy on bandcamp

car-seat-headrest-denialCar Seat Headrest – (Joe Gets Kicked Out Of School For Using) Drugs With Friends (But Says This Isn’t A Problem)

This album is fucking great and I can’t wait to sing along every single goddamn word at Laneway next year but clearly time isn’t playing ball and so I have to wait. It’s not pleasant, I’m not having fun, but I think I’ll survive. Thoughts and prayers are with all y’all going through these same trying times and I hope you make it through to the other side


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