Oh man it’s this time of the week again. A lot of this week’s playlist is brought to you by the glorious goddang weather this weekend because is there any time of year better suited to shimmery psych rock goodness? No, there isn’t. That was a rhetorical question, did you actually answer it? OH, that was another one. I bet you feel reaaaaal dumb right now, talking to a static page of text. As always, the playlist lives up over here on Spotify. I archive all the old weeks too so check em out if yo missed em. Or don’t, it’s a busy time of year time is a valuable commodity gotta spend that shit wisely

Click through for words about the songs and bandcamp links also

hospital-sports-fmHospital Sports – Fantastic Man

Yes yeah yo aye yee and etc. It’s been a while since we last had some new Hospital Sports and dang does it feel good. Their debut self titled album is still one of my favourite local releases of all time ever (if you like American Football it’ll definitely be up your alley) and it feels like I’ve been waiting for this new album for far too long. Fantastic Man seems to indicate a slight change of pace but if it’s indicative of what the rest of the album’s vibe is I’m definitely on board

Listen/buy on bandcamp

gambino-awaken-my-loveChildish Gambino – Baby Boy

Goddamn Donald did it. Awaken, My Love! is yet another glorious work of art from the dude and it’s good to know this year hasn’t been all bad for everybody. I’ve played this album a bunch already this weekend and it pairs with this beautiful summer weather perfectly. Just chuck the whole thing on, lay back and vibe out. Baby Boy is one of the standout tracks from these early listens, I love what Glover is doing with his voice on this track and the extended jam-y part towards the middle is incredibly tight

jeff-worryJeff Rosenstock – Wave Goodnight To Me

This song is a goddang earworm. I swear even after one listen of this album the hook was making it’s way back to the forefront of my thinking. Say what you will about Rosenstock the dude can write a fucking hook. This song is catchy as anything and is just a great pop-punk jam all around. I don’t know how much the rest of the album will hang around in my rotation but no doubt this song will be there, even if I’m not playing it

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umo-iiUnknown Mortal Orchestra – So Good At Being in Trouble

I spent a good part of this weekend sitting in my room with the windows and ranchslider wide open just basking in the glorious warmth and listening to this album on vinyl and dang it was a great experience. Wholeheartedly recommend it to everybody, felt real good for the soul, real cleansing. No matter when you last listened to this song/album, it was probably too long ago. Do yourself a favour and revisit it

Listen/buy on bandcamp

car-seat-drkCar Seat Headrest – Drunk Drivers / Killer Whales (Single Version)

Just when I thought I couldn’t love this song any more Will and co. go ‘head and drop a whole reworked version of it and give me twice as much DD/KW to love. This version is the one they played with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon, which is a very good thing because dang I finished watching that clip and knew immediately I would need to hear this in full a bunch of times. And now I just might go do that

mogwai-hardcoreMogwai – Mexican Grand Prix

I don’t know if I could ever torture myself with the effort of somehow cobbling together a top 10 or even 20 albums of all time but what I can say for sure is that this would be up near the top. It’s perfect. Maybe the height of what this brand of post-rock has to offer. Maybe not. Finally copped it on vinyl this week and that has meant falling in love with the entire work all over again. Great record, great band, just dang great.

mec-mecMelody’s Echo Chamber – Quand Vas Tu Rentrer

I’m not sure when we’ll be getting new music from Melody Prochet but I do know I’ll be ready for it. This album is front to back shimmery psych rock / dream pop jams and the perfect complement to the sunshine and warmth this weekend brought. The record exudes sunshine, feels like walking around in a black in white french film at times, feels comforting like a nice cider and a cheery disposition.

rtj3Run The Jewels – Legend Has It

Dunno where the fuck El-P found this beat but whew. I like all-out banger RTJ as much as the next person but there’s something about these more off kilter strange beats that scratch an itch located in the deepest darkest recesses of this blackened mass I’m supposed to call a soul. El and Mike both flow like mad on this track, they do their thing and do it hella well. Between this track and the incredible greatness that is the solid gold cover I can’t wait for RTJ3 to get here already.

yumi-zouma-yoncYumi-Zouma – Yesterday

Dang if I wasn’t so deep into this playlist I would maybe change things around so that you don’t go straight from Run the Jewels to this, shit’s pretty jarring. This is prolly one of my favourite Yumi-Zouma tracks, there’s something about the breakdown/bridge part of it that feels real nice. Once again this an album I would recommend enjoying on a summery day with a nice cool beverage and some open windows or natural shade if you happen to be outside. Don’t get burnt.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

slow-mass-treasure-painsSlow Mass – Treasure Pains

This might be the longest song I’ve included on one of these yet. Might have to change that real soon this one ain’t even that long. It is good though, the duet’d vocals work hella well, the drums are as always with Slow Mass e x c e l l e n t and the song goes to some hella interesting places. Keep an eye on these dudes, this EP is dope as fuck and I’m betting anything else they work on is gonna be worth checking too

Listen/buy on bandcamp


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