Last night I went along to see Vince Staple at the Powerstation, today I wrote some words about it

I’ve been exhausted lately. To the point where I considered giving away my ticket to Vince Staples, to the point where I started having a minor existential crisis standing around by myself before his set, to the point where I was thinking about leaving early.

I didn’t and thank fuck for that.

Whether he was bounding across the stage or stuck in the centre leaning on a mic stand the dude commanded the audience’s attention. His set pulled pretty evenly from Hell Can WaitSummertime ’06, and this year’s Prima Donna EP with a decent stretch early on dedicated to dropping a string of his guest spots. I hadn’t looked up any setlists or reviews or anything so hearing Fire, Blue Suede AND Hands Up was a dope surprise though maybe that says more about what I expect from live shows now than it does about Vince.

This was easily one of the best rap shows I’ve been to, even though I was too tired to get as far up in the mix as I would normally try get it was a helluva show. It was nice to go to a show and have the rapper actually, y’know, rapping for their whole set instead of throwing out keywords and acting as a hype-man for the backing track. Not that those sort of shows don’t have their merits, but I felt like I actually saw a performance where other shows sometimes feel more like parties with a famous DJ. I walked out feeling elated, connected, carefree, exuberant. Still tired, but no longer consumed by exhaustion fueled anxiety and doubt. I had forgotten how much power there is in experiencing a live show, thanks to Vince for reminding me.

Stray thoughts:

  • Due to being tired I held back, and found myself standing right underneath the air conditioning unit on the raised edge of the Powerstation floor. Game changer. I could breathe the entire show and had a perfect view of the stage, would recommend
  • I arrived pretty late so missed all but two songs of ENO x DIRTY’s set. What I saw/heard was great tho, gonna have to catch those dudes live some other time
  • Next time Vince graces our shores (insert praying hands emoji here) I’ll be making sure I’m well rested so I have the option of getting up in the fray because that shit looked wild, no lie

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