What up what up. It’s still early enough in the summer that I’m enjoying it, and with the rise in temperature comes maybe the most consistently great part of the season: gigs. Just this week I’ve seen Vince Staples (which I wrote about over here) on Wednesday night and Wellington’s TEETH (The Phoenix Foundation x The Muttonbirds making blissed out psych rock. Give em a jam) and SJD last night. This coming week I’m seeing Angel Olsen. A Low Hum is a couple weeks away and Laneway is less than a month off. Shit’s good yo

Playlist as always is up on Spotify HERE

Click through for this weeks write up

ps-eliot-sadie-280x280P.S. Eliot – Pink Sheets

I’ve had a P.S. Eliot tab open in my browser for so long that I’ve forgotten why I opened it in the first place. Props to past-me for whatever inspired that decision because damn, this is my jam. I’ve only listened to this album a couple of times so far but it sounds like one of those albums I’ll keep coming back around to. Solid lo(ish)fi pop(ish) punk(ish) music with hooks that will stay lodged firmly in your head for days

You can grab this album free from here

vince-hellVince Staples – Fire

I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting to see any songs from Vince’s 2014 EP Hell Can Wait but I wasn’t, so having him play almost half of it was a pleasant surprise. This EP was my first proper introduction to Staples’ solo work and I feel it might get a little overlooked considering the greatness of Summertime ’06. Maybe not though, thinking about it there were like two “BLUE SUEDE BLUE SUEDE” chants at the show so I could be wrong. REGARDLESS, this is dope and if you haven’t listened to it but like ’06 definitely check it out

old-grayOld Gray – A Letter for Zach

Oh man. This album is a whirlwind of devastating moments. Equal parts crushingly beautiful and beautifully crushing, it’s by no means an easy listen. This song leans more towards the former of those two loose descriptors, the instrumental here is light and airy with Charlie Singer’s spoken word vocals lending a weight to the heavy subject matter

Listen/buy on bandcamp

caribou-our-loveCaribou – All I Ever Need

Considering how frequently this album gets thrown on as background party chill vibes I’m surprised it’s taken so long for me to remember to include a track from it on here. This week I copped it on wax as a reward to myself for three months of doing this blog (shout out to Steph for that genius idea) and sat down by myself and listened through for the first time in a good while. I shy away from ranking music cos fuck treating art like a competition but this is easily one of my favourite albums to come out of 2015 and one of the few I would feel comfortable saying that about

ka-honor-killed-the-samurai-compressedKa – Mourn at Night

I feel weird writing about this album at this point in time as I feel I haven’t spent nearly as much time with it as I should to properly unpack the density of the art on display here. For now I’ll say the beats on here are beautiful, and Ka’s lyrics sound incredibly considered and thoughtful. Mourn at Night is an early favourite but again, I need to spend wayyy more time with this before I can say anything worthwhile about it. Even then, is it really my place to?

sjdSJD – i wanna be foolish

SJD is one of those dudes whose name I’ve seen around for fucking YEARS and never got around to checking out. He opened for TEETH last night and I promptly jumped to kicking myself for all the chances I’ve had to see him that I’ve missed out on. His stage banter was hilarious and kinda self-deprecating and his songs sounded great even though it was just him up there with an acoustic. Definitely going to be spending some time catching up on this

Listen/buy on bandcamp

football-etcFootball, Etc. -Safety

I had been told I would like these guys weeks ago and it took me until this week to remember that and actually get around to listening to them. Kieran you were right dawg, this album is incredible. FFO Twinkly-emo in the vein of American Football, Hospital Sports, Prawn or anybody who likes good indie rock-ish shit. So far I’ve only listened to this album but I’m stoked to have a few more releases to acquaint myself with

Listen/buy on bandcamp

the-ntnl-trubThe National – Sea of Love

I’m unsure whether I’ve talked about the Song Exploder podcast on here yet but I’m gonna err towards “nah man not yet eh” and just act like I haven’t. Song Exploder is a very good podcast I’ve been listening to the last couple weeks where musicians break down one of their songs and talk about the writing/instrumentation of it in detail. Each episode is usually between 10 and 20 minutes and I would heavily recommend it. I’ve only disliked one of em so far and that’s because fuck chiptune from now til ever that shit can get in the fucking sea. This episode though, this was a good’un

gambino-awaken-my-loveChildish Gambino – Redbone

Like 10 seconds into this song right now I knew that this is the album I’m putting on when I get finished with this write up. I avoided this song in the lead up to the album dropping because Me and Your Mama was enough to sell me on what was gonna happen but damn this might be better. Might be my favourite off the album. Might be top 10 Gambino songs of all time ever. Who knows, that shit ain’t really important and doesn’t mean much. This song IS a jam tho, and that’s what matters

angel-olsen-my-womanAngel Olsen – Those Were The Days

Well now hold on. I know what I just said about putting on Awaken, My Love! and I’m thinking that may have been a little hasty. This song is a soothing reminder of what I have to look forward to this week and I kinda want to spend the rest of my weekend basking in this feeling, not doing a hell of a lot, maybe some light cleaning, might try finish Kool A.D.’s novel OK, might take a lil nap. Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion

Listen/buy on bandcamp


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