This is the third of five write ups I’m doing on the physical records I’ve bought this year, with the remaining two coming next week(ish) or whenever I feel like it I’m an adult I got things to do fucking whatever. Listen along on Spotify and check out part I back here and part II back here if you missed either of them

Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool


Why did I buy this? Part I of this lil thing might’ve clued you into my love for Radiohead.Of course I needed to grab this thing. One of the things I love about bands is when their albums all head in different directions. While I was one of the few who loved The King of Limbs, I have to say this album was a lot easier to appreciate. I read somebody else say somewhere that if The King of Limbs was Thom’s album in centre stage then A Moon Shaped Pool is Jonny’s and I don’t think I completely agree (there is still a whole lot of Thom and the others on here, TKOL also seemed more collaborative than most assumed) but I do see why they would say that. A lot of this album seems to owe its existence to Jonny’s recent forays into composing for strings and it works. This is a beautiful album. Desert Island Tracks: Burn The Witch / Identikit

Yumi Zouma – Yoncalla


Why did I buy this? I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen these guys live but every time it’s a goddamn party. Their brand of dreamy synth pop whatever you want to call it is blissful as fuck. Their hooks are contagious, their melodies sweet without being overdone and their songwriting in general is really strong. They play here pretty regularly, if they’re in your neighbourhood don’t sleep. It’ll be a good time. Desert Island Tracks: Barricade (Matter of Fact) / Keep It Close To Me

Dikembe – Hail Something


Why did I buy this? I don’t really preorder albums all that often nowadays. Not sure why, just something I’ve sort’ve stopped doing. I made an exception for the Dikembe dudes tho, and probably always will. Their albums (and EP) are some of my favourite works to come out of the so-called “Emo Revival” and Chicago Bowls might be my favourite EP ever (don’t hold me to that how am I supposed to remember every EP I’ve ever heard fuck). They announced they had split from all labels and were releasing Hail Something on their own which is a move I respected the shit out of and so I felt like it was worth the pre-order. It was. This is a more raw sounding effort than Mediumship, but the messages being passed on here are no less vital. As long as these guys keep putting out great jams, I’m there. Desert Island Tracks: Hail Something / All Wrong

Childish Gambino – Because the Internet


Why did I buy this? Because it’s one of my favourite rap records ever. That’s a weirdly contentious thing to say on the internet, but seriously. I love every moment of this thing, it’s different and weird but at the same time all the songs are solidly written and catchy as fuck. I also wanted a chance to read through the screenplay and see what that whole thing was about and it was cool. Not something I’m gonna pull out and read, or even think about, everytime I listen to it but I respect Donald for trying something different and incorporating some of his other skills here in an attempt to do something more creative than just a loose concept album. Desert Island Tracks: III. Telegraph Ave. (“Oakland” by Lloyd / II. Zealots of Stockholm (Free Information)

Kendrick Lamar – untitled. unmastered.


Why did I buy this? There aren’t many rappers that could drop a collection of cuts that didn’t end up on their album and still end up with a project as solid as this. Freed from the weight of To Pimp A Butterfly‘s necessarily heavy and dark theme these songs have a looseness to them that sort of serve as highlights of the musically interesting things that were happening all over that record. While I love that album, and know deep down these tracks were kept from it for good reason, I can’t help but think about what it would’ve been like if even one of these had been polished up and chucked on there. Which is dumb, because then we wouldn’t have this record and that would be a shame too. Desert Island Tracks: untitled 02 / untitled 07



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