What is up y’all. Here be the first proper, fully thought out, readable playlist of the year. I spent my New Year’s Eve Eve and New Year’s Eve at the 15 Years of A Low Hum festival at Tatum Park down in Ohau and this weeks playlist is entirely* acts that I saw over those incredible couple of days. I hadn’t ever managed to get along to any [Camp] A Low Hums in the past but damn it was everything I imagined it would be and more. Huge shoutout to Blink for putting the thing together, all the bands for putting on such fucking sick shows and pretty much everybody who was there for being a good human being

This week I’ll be putting out a couple of “Lost Posts”, as I’ve managed to track down parts IV and V of my Year In Vinyl write ups which I had definitely 100% completely totally finished last year but somehow managed to misplace on this big ol’ internet thing. It’s a big place, stay woke

As always you can listen to the playlist on Spotify over HERE

Click through for a few words about why I chose what I chose

carb-on-carbCarb on Carb – Smash

I didn’t actually get to see Carb on Carb at A Low Hum but I felt like I should include them here because a) they’re fucking great, and b) because I did see them around the festival, most notably at that sick Prizegiving gig (but more on that later). I’ve listened to these guys for a while now and everything they’ve put out has been fantastic. Hearing them lean into the mid-western emo sound has been cool as it’s happened pretty much right alongside my increasing interest in the genre. See them live if you can (this is a message to myself too, it’s been way too long and way too many missed chances) because like I said: they’re fucking great

Listen/buy on bandcamp

miss-june-matriarchyMiss June – Average Joe

This EP is almost the only thing I’ve listened to since getting back to Auckland. Seeing these guys play the shit out of a crowded, smoky, sweaty Noisy Room was probably the highlight of night one at A Low Hum and I’m itching to get a chance to see them again. I don’t have any excuse for why it took me so long to get onboard with these guys but I’ve missed them every time I thought I would go check them out so far and I’ll be kicking myself about that for a while fur sure. Their brand of energetic punk is incredibly infectious and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

tiny-ruins-brightTiny Ruins – Me at the Museum, You in the Wintergardens

Tiny Ruins might have been the most appropriately timed set of the whole fest, playing a low-key set in the early afternoon to a mostly seated crowd seemingly comprised of people either still in the process of waking up or saving energy for the night ahead. Their brand of chill folk with the lush green background of the park forest was a perfect start to the day

Listen on bandcamp

tlc-cscTLC – Waterfalls

So TLC obviously didn’t actually play at A Low Hum but I wanted to include a track on here to acknowledge the fantastic moment that was Alphabethead’s mid afternoon forest stage DJ set. The dude was absolutely beaming throughout as he played jam after jam, getting the sizeable crowd bumping along to his masterfully executed scratches. He finished up with a cover of this song where he scratched the vocals, before dropping the actual song and leaving everybody in awe of what they had just witnessed

kvkaKVKA – Buzzin

Most of the bands on this playlist / that I saw at A Low Hum were bands I had listened to or at least heard of before but I went into KVKA’s set with my only knowledge being that it was loud, hectic hip-hop. We were sitting around at camp sorta gathering ourselves before I forget what but could hear KVKA’s set from there and a few us had to get along to catch what we could. It was dope, the dude can rap and seemed like he was enjoying the fuck out of doing his thing on the forest stage

Listen/buy on bandcamp

diediedieDie! Die! Die! – A.T.T.I.T.U.D

A common thread that ran throughout the festival was just how much fun everybody on stage seemed to be having. Die! Die! Die! were no exception, with their raucous set inspiring some of the most intense crowd reactions that I saw over the weekend. Lead singer/guitarist Andrew was a beacon of mesmerising intensity, bouncing between being in or above the crowd or glaring down at them from the stage. It was a sick set, and a great way to get pumped for the night ahead.

groeniGroeni – Truce

Die! Die! Die! left us all pretty wiped out, and the plan was to take a quick break between their set and So So Modern’s edge-of-midnight set to grab food/drink and recover a little but once again the Forest Stage beckoned, promising greater things than sitting around a camp for a while. Boy am I glad we took a detour, Groeni sounded Sigur Ros-y, like King-of-limbs-era-Radiohead and were the perfect soundtrack to an interlude between the two punk bands. The whole crowd that was gathered around them were enraptured by the beautiful soundscapes, alternating between gentle swaying and more volatile grooving depending on whether the drum machines were going. It was truly beautiful, and I’m so glad I didn’t miss out on it

so-so-crudeSo So Modern – Life In The Undergrowth / The Worst Is yet to Come

Maaaaan this set was fucking great from the first few notes of Life In The Undergrowth and remained fantastic throughout. I can’t think of a better way that I’ve ever spent the last hour-ish of a year, than dancing along to brilliant math-punk-whatever with a crowd of people so clearly captured by the magic happening on stage. The band all looked like they were having the time of their lives up there, and so did everybody in the crowd that I managed to see during the brief moments I looked away from the stage. I hope that wasn’t the last time these guys all play together because that would be a huge loss. Shoutout to the girl who shared her drink with me towards the end of the set cause that probably saved my night. The set left me drained/a little lost in the best most blissful way. It was a beautiful goodbye to a pretty bad year

Listen/buy on bandcamp

prize-no-harm-donePrizegiving – Mid-Year Planner

I didn’t think that anything would come close to topping that So So Modern set but damn Prizegiving managed to offer something as great in a different way. They played in the afore-mentioned Noisy Room, and goddamn witnessing that set felt like I was watching something incredibly special. Seeing a crowd so SO into music that scratched a musical itch I didn’t realise I was missing from the local scene was amazing, Prizegiving’s brand of emo is 100% exactly my kind of shit and I only wish I had listened to them beforehand so I could’ve been one of the many people shouting along enthusiastically to every song. There’s always next time, huh

Listen/buy on bandcamp


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