Phew sure am glad I never actually promised these would be delivered last year that would’ve been foolish. This right here is part four of my five “Year in vinyl” posts for 2016. You can find parts I, II and III by clicking on them but honestly there isn’t really any continuity going on here maybe next year I’ll build a story into these wrap-up posts so that you’re more incentivised to read em all. Part V will definitely be coming later this week because I’ll have written it by the time this one has been posted. Listen along on Spotify HERE

Julien Baker – Sprained Ankle


Why did I buy this? I’ve talked about this before but I really don’t like the whole “BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR” part of music writing culture but I’m a walking contradiction because I also tell anybody I talk to about this album that it’s my favourite one to come out in 2015 (which I’m pretty sure is still true as of the time of publication). This album is full of devastating songs yet pretty songs, somehow able to transcend the heavy subject matter and remain a pleasant, soothing listen. I might be more excited for Julien’s sophomore album than any other album currently on the horizon. Desert Island Tracks: Sprained Ankle / Something

Angel Olsen – My Woman


Why did I buy this? I hadn’t listened to Angel Olsen at all before this album was announced and now can’t imagine a world in which I never heard this album. Like I just before said like one scroll further up the page I don’t like treating art as a competition buuuuut this is at this point probably my favourite album I listened to in 2016 (hope that’s enough qualifiers to keep that a truth in perpetuity). This album is an incredibly well crafted piece of work with two distinct but equally rewarding sides that come together to form a cohesive whole and does that even make sense? Close enough. The only musical related thing in 2016 that happened to me that would top this album was seeing most of it liveDesert Island Tracks: Shut Up Kiss Me / Sister

Bon Iver – 22, A Million


Why did I buy this? Not gonna lie, the album art / roll out of this album played a huge part in why I copped this album on wax. If I’m remembering correctly I set out that night to try pick up Danny Brown’s excellently strange Atrocity Exhibition (which I still need to get, fuck) and grabbed this when I found out that it wasn’t out yet. I love so much about this album though. The glitchy, broken sounds strewn across it. The auto-tune that hides much of Vernon’s soulful croons. The symbol packed artwork. The “lyric” videos for each track. Justin took a gamble on making this album as weird as it is and IMO deserves to be rewarded because it all comes together and works really well. Desert Island Tracks: 22 (OVER S∞∞N) / 33 “GOD”

Slow Mass – Treasure Pains


Why did I buy this? Think for a minute there I was gonna cheat and say it didn’t count as a full LP because it’s technically an EP. But I mean it’s longer than Cody so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I got put onto this band through the many tracks that were released through Stereogum in the lead up to its release and shoutout to those guys cause damn this EP slays. Believe one of the selling points that got through to me the most was that the drummer had worked with (works with? IDK too tired to google it tho) Into It. Over It. on the excellent Standards, and the drumming on that album is phenomenal. So no surprises the drumming on Treasure Pains is also stunning, as is the guitarwork, basswork, singing and screaming. I copped the limited edition screenprint cover because damn look how good that thing looks. Desert Island Tracks: Nice But Not Kind / Clint Eastwood

Joyce Manor – Cody


Why did I buy this? I don’t remember when exactly I first listened to Joyce Manor but it was sometime after Never Hungover Again came out and that album quickly became my go-to example of good pop-punk. Cody delivered exactly what I wanted from a follow up. A little more developed, a little more considered, a lot more of that sick sound I had come to love so much. It’s an album I find easy to listen to on repeat, flipping back to side A to start from the top instead of reaching for a different record. I’ve easily listened to it 20+ times already and it still sounds fresh, long after nearly every single line has become seared into my brain. Desert Island Tracks: Last You Heard Of Me / This Song Is A Mess But So Am I


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