It’s taking a whole bunch of willpower for me to take a break from listening to I See You to bring you this playlist so I hope y’all enjoy it. It’s humid as fuck and I’m burnt out on being back at work after just one week but a bunch of dope new tunes have come out and I went to a fantastic gig last night so everything is pretty okay.

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thexxisyThe xx – Dangerous

Honestly In Colour is, at least up until I See You dropped, far and away my favourite xx project. Like, I liked the self-titled a lot and haven’t really spent enough time listening to Coexist to feel like I could issue a valid opinion but In Colour is top to bottom stacked with jams. From what I’ve heard of I See You so far (which is all of it, often) it seems like this album is the perfect blend of what they were doing before with more Jamie presence and I wouldn’t be surprised if this album ends up becoming my favourite very soon. It’s beautiful, every element neatly balanced by another to where no one members contribution feels like it overshadows anybody else. It’s The xx working in perfect harmony to present an album of mellow, emotionally resonant, dance-y jams.

busdriver-thumbsBusdriver – Worlds to Run (feat. Milo & Anderson .Paak) [prod. Kenny Segal]

This is yet another track brought to you by Song Exploder. The podcast episode where Busdriver and Kenny Segal break down how this song came together was an especially great one, hearing each of the core elements separated out before gradually being pieced together gave me an increased appreciation for this track and served as a great reminder that it’s been too long since I’ve listened to Busdriver. No surprise but both Milo and Anderson .Paak deliver absolutely stellar contributions to this track too.

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phoebe-ssPhoebe Bridgers – Smoke Signals

Man this song is quietly devastating. It’s a mellow, somber track that recalls Elliott Smith in the best ways. The soft string swells are perfectly placed, the song rises and falls effortlessly across its five minute run time which it somehow makes seem longer without ever feeling dragged out or repetitive. At the centre of the whole song is Bridgers’ vocal performance and evocative lyrics, which are the main draw here. I can’t wait to hear a full album from her, she’s talented af.

diet-cig-swearDiet Cig – Tummy Ache

Fuck yeah, new Diet Cig! This is one of those cases where I’m pretty okay with getting onto their last release kinda late because it hasn’t been that long a wait for me but damn I’m excited to hear this album. This song, like those on their Over Easy EP, is a tight pop-y energetic jam that wittily deals with serious issues. I really hope these guys get big enough to play a show here in New Zealand because they sound like they put on one hell of a live show and I feel like I need to experience it at least once

Listen/preorder on bandcamp

wax-chattels-stayWax Chattels – Stay Disappointed

Speaking of dope live shows (that’s what I was talking about, right?) holy shiiiiiiit Wax Chattels put on a great one. I caught them last night at Whammy and goddamn what a band. Their organ + bass + drum fueled post-punk was urgent, driving and heavy, sending everyone around me into a frenzy of swaying shoulders and flailing heads. This song especially sounded incredibly great live, so when you’re hearing this imagine it somehow even better. Can’t wait to see these guys again

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pinegrove-cardinalPinegrove – Cadmium

Cardinal is another one of those albums that didn’t immediately grab me but instead planted a seed deep inside my brain that sprouted and grew and drew me back again and again with increasing frequency and enjoyment. This is an incredibly solid indie rock album, with heartfelt and poetic lyrical imagery and songs that perfectly complement Evan Stephen Hall’s country-esque twangy vocals. It’s an album that on paper doesn’t sound like something I would enjoy, a reminder that I can’t assume that I know my own tastes inside and out, a reminder to keep constantly reaching outside my boundaries and trying new things.

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burial-rivalBurial – Hiders

This song comes courtesy of my flatmate Cameron, who opened up his vinyl copy of this dope EP from a couple years ago to spin it on my turntable. I had forgotten just how good this EP is, how good EVERY Burial release is tbh. I like everything the notoriously reclusive producer has released, and only hope that maybe this year is the one we finally get to hear another longer project from them

Listen/buy on bandcamp

rtj3Run the Jewels – Call Ticketron

I feel like I need to spend way more time with RTJ3 and oh I will but from listen one up to whatever-listen-I’m-up-to-now this song has been the clear standout. It’s eccentric and weird in the best of possible ways, with both Killer Mike and El-P delivering absolutely phenomenal verses. Like Danny Brown and Paul White’s Ain’t It Funny, it’s the exact kind of oddball beat I can still picture going absolutely the fuck off in a live setting. Here’s hoping it’s not too long before I get to find out for myself

RTJ3 is available for free download or purchase here

foxing-twoFoxing – Redwoods Two

Holy shit I didn’t think this song could get any better but I’m happy to admit I’ve been proven wrong. This reworked version features haunting vocals from Lena Woods and a more crushing and beautifully violent climax than the version on Dealer, and damn it works so well. A surprise project like this, where a band who has clearly lived inside of these songs so long that they know what they can tweak to get something different out of them is something I wouldn’t mind seeing more of, as both this track and the reworked Indica (check the video it was recorded for too) are fantastic re-imaginings.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

sampha-processSampha – (No One Knows Me) Like the Piano

Mark my words this album is about to be one of my favourites to drop this year. Every song released by this dude lately has been absolutely beautiful, the dude has a knack for melodic, heartwrenching songs and I can’t wait to hear Process in full. He’s playing here in a couple of months and I still need to get a ticket so that’s what I’m about to do right now. Catch y’all next week. Enjoy.


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