And here it is. Part five of the year in vinyl 2016. I’m doing something different for 2017. But more on that later. Here are the last five albums I bought in the year 2016 and some words justifying why exactly I thought they were worth the money.

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American Football – American Football


Why did I buy this? Their first album is one of my favourite records of all time, and I like everything that Mike Kinsella has done as Owen in the years since then so it was pretty much a no-brainer. LP2 in my opinion does an incredible job of living up to the insane expectations that were built up in the years since that first record became such a huge piece of the midwestern emo/indie music canon. It’s more musically impressive, it’s more emotionally mature but it still sounds fucking great and that’s what matters most. There are no moments on here that sound insincere, there’s still that gut-wrenching emotion behind every song. It’s exactly what I American Football should sound like all these years later. Desert Island Tracks: My Instincts Are the Enemy / Give Me The Gun

Enemies – Valuables


Why did I buy this? How was I not going to buy the last Enemies record ever. We’ve Been Talking was one of the first albums I bought on vinyl. They were my math-rock gateway band and I will always love them for that. There’s a sunniness / tropicalia (is that a for real word) to a lot of their music that I really appreciate, it separates them out from a lot of the other bands I listen to. Valuables is on the whole a soothing listen, a little more pop than I remember them being in the past but even if I’m misremembering it’s not a complaint at all. I’m still sad that Enemies have come to an end, but they’ve gone out on one helluva high note. Desert Island Tracks: itsallwaves / Glow

Caribou – Our Love


Why did I buy this? I think this was one of the first electronic albums that I fully fell in love with. No that can’t be right. It’s maybe my favourite one of all time though, or at least right now as I’m writing this it is. It’s an album that is easy to get lost in, the shimmery sunniness of the music a welcoming haze that invites you in to its enfolds, guaranteeing comfort and companionship. It’s a joyous celebration of love, an assurance that we are never truly alone. Desert Island TracksCan’t Do Without You / Our Love

Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will


Why did I buy this? Now that I’m not actively studying I’ve sort of stopped listening to as much post-rock as I used to but there are still a couple of bands I return to every now and again. This album is easily one of the best I’ve heard in the genre, the tone of the whole thing is pretty unique, the songs are complex and developed without being overlong or cliched and there’s a life to every track on here that makes it a joy to listen to whether it’s the first listen or fiftieth. Desert Island Tracks: Mexican Grand Prix / George Square Thatcher Death Party

Clipping. – Clppng


Why did I buy this? This has honestly become one of my favourite rap records of the recent past. I’m awestruck by how noise-y it is while still remaining an accessible listen. The album’s central conceits: no drum samples, Daveed can’t rap about himself using “I” feel like they contribute significantly to how thought out everything on here seems. The noise elements make every beat seem urgent, every feature is impeccably used, and then there is Story 2 which is an absolute masterwork of escalating tension and vivid storytelling. Desert Island Tracks: Work Work / Story 2


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