I’ve been a fan of Auckland band Hospital Sports for a few years now, their 2013 self-titled album is to this day one of my favourite local releases and every time I’ve seen them live they’ve put on a fantastic show. Danny, Nick and Morgan picked out ten tracks they’ve been jamming a lot lately and wrote about what it is they like about each track. This playlist is below (and half of it is up on spotify here.)

Hospital Sports are playing a few shows around the country in support of their second album Take Care which is out today. They’re great live so if they’re playing near you make sure you head along:


Baxter Dury – Leak At The Disco

My dad showed me Ian Dury when I was a kid and I really liked his stuff but I think his sons stuff is way better. Something about this guys voice.

Petal – Chandelier Thief

After all the building up, the ‘blue eyes steal me’ part at the end kills me every time. This whole album is really good.

Ani DiFranco – Hello Birmingham

Used to listen to Ani Difranco all the time when I was 15 so the nostalgia vibes are very high here. Getting back into her. This song is super relevant right now in a way.

Pygmy Lush – Proud King of the Doomed

Been listening to their album Mount Hope on the reg since 2009. Probably the only slowcore band out there I can listen to while sitting outside drinking a beer in the sun.


Russian Circles – Mota

Been following RC for a few years now, love the progressions they use. Cant get me head around the sound that these 3 guys create

Toe – i do still wrong

Off the only album i don’t own of Toe’s. Their time signatures always keep me wanting more. Would die to see em live.

Mr Carmack – Tiki Tiki

One of the best beat makers in my opinion. Been following him since he started. Bit different from the rest.


HLTH – Sexysax

Possibly my favourite NZ group right now. It’s a shame these guys are so under the radar cos I reckon they’re making some of the most innovative and interesting music in NZ right now. This track is taken off their Damahu EP which you can download off soundcloud (this one starts about 15 minutes I believe). Their latest ‘But there are humans out there’ was phenomenal and worth checking out as well

smokestank girls – always brought me water

Okay disclaimer on this one – I’m pretty heavily biased as I did some mixing work on this EP but regardless, smokestank girls write some damn good tunes and I listen to this EP on the reg. My favourite thing about them and this track in particular is the songwriting, something which I feel can be forgotten sometimes in our modern era of highly produced music. The way this track builds is just beautiful, and it teases you so darn well, I always want one more chorus but instead I’m forced to play the song from the top again.

BewyldabeasT – Lord Knows

Fortunate to see this band play a few times in 2016 and was super impressed with singer Lily Jackson’s vocal control and expressiveness. The dreamy arrangement matches her vocals really well. I also really enjoy how the chorus has a strong pop sensibility in its groove but when coupled with her voice and super washy guitar tones, only serves to make the hook that much catchier.


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