YOOOOOOOOO. All I really have to say today is we should have like at minimum 20 government sponsored doctors looking into hangovers in search of an answer to the eternal question: How do we defeat them?

ICYMI Auckland’s Hospital Sports put together a guestlist for me, check that out over here

This week’s playlist is up on Spofity over HERE. Click through for words, etc.

starsStars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

Stars are fucking sick. I found out about them via a burning desire to find more music along the lines of Broken Social Scene’s incredible You Forgot It In People. It’s been a minute since I’ve listened to this album, but this week at work I started listening to music at my desk (and still haven’t been told off so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and this was still on my phone. It’s still every bit as great as I remember it being. Well constructed indie-pop with two dope vocalists.

pinegrove-cardinalPinegrove – Visiting

Maaaaaan I feel so stupid for sleeping on this album for so long. I see what the hype was about now. I think I’ve listened to this at least once every day this week and letting the album sink through my skin and become deeply etched in my bones has been a rewarding experience. There are so many fantastic moments on this album, and right now my favourite of these is the way Evan howls the choruses on this track. They just put out an 8 song live album for charity because they’re fucking great

Listen/buy on bandcamp (again, fer charity)

japanese-breakfast-pompJapanese Breakfast – Heft

Another song that is included here because the album it’s on has been soundtracking my work days. I’m not looking it up but pretty sure we’re getting a new Japanese Breakfast album soon and man I can’t wait. This album is solid as fuck, I could listen to hours of Michelle’s music without ever getting tired of it. It’s comfy as fuck, beautifully melodic.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

nothingNothing – Nineteen Ninety Heaven

Oh man speaking of beautifully melodic, this album has that in fucking abundance. I can’t remember what motivated me to give this album another spin but it’s been way too long. Guilty of Everything is easily one of my favourite shoegaze albums and I feel like this will one day too. I started out listening to Nothing for the heavier edge to some of their songs but they’re just as good making blissed out slow jams like this one.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

grems-art-anglesGrimes – Kill V. Maim

Another track courtesy of the Song Exploder podcast, though I’m not sure I listened to it this week. Either way, this song has been on my mind a bunch; it’s melodically interesting with so many different elements coming together and working in perfect harmony and then there’s the lyrical content which seems like it’s especially relevant nowadays. I need Grimes to come play here again, I only saw part of her set at Laneway and it’s eating me alive

take-careHospital Sports – Let You In

Fuck yeah new Hospital Sports. It’s been a few years since their last full album and man it’s nice to have patience rewarded with such a solid follow up. It’s a little bit noisier than the self titled effort but in the best possible way. I’m still on my first couple of listens but damn I’m already in love with the guitar tone on this track especially. I’m seeing them live again for the first time in a while this week and I can’t wait to see how these tracks sound in person.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

ratbois-aoidRatboys – Folk Song For Jazz

Pretty sure my vinyl copy of this album arrives tomorrow and I am so ready. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to it but it’s reached that level of absolute familiarity, where I know what’s coming next but still am no less excited about hearing it. Their follow up comes out soon, and I can’t wait to have a few more songs to fall so deeply in love with. Best band

Listen/buy on bandcamp

neverJoyce Manor – Never Hungover Again

Y’all should know by now of my love for this band and while I have been enjoying the shit out of Cody, it’s still Never Hungover Again that holds that place most special in my heart. Feels pretty appropriate to include this album on here in some way as I’ve been quoting the title all goddamn day. I think I’m getting to the stage where I won’t be able to die happy unless I’ve seen them live. Here’s hoping

Listen/buy on bandcamp

phoebPhoebe Bridgers – Killer

Good lord Phoebe is a fantastic musician. I somehow missed that this EP existed but after Smoke Signals dropped last week I found it and now I’ve listened to it a ton just top to bottom back to the top again. It kind of reminds me of Julien Baker’s music, in that it’s full of thoughtful lyricism and beautifully written but it’s a little more acoustic. They toured together which is I’m pretty sure how I found out about Bridgers and damn that would’ve been a run of fantastic shows.

sorororororSorority Noise – No Halo

This is honestly the only Sorority Noise song I’ve heard so far but I’m gonna change that because fuck this is a jam. It shouldn’t be surprising that I love this considering how much I enjoyed Old Gray’s album from last year even though they are very different beasts. This song has single handedly made You’re Not As _____ As You Think, an album by a band I haven’t listened to properly yet, one of my most anticipated of the year. And now I’m gonna go listen to it like 10 more times. Peace

Listen/pre-order on bandcamp


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