This year’s Laneway will be my uh, shit, fourth? fifth? Whatever, I’ve been to a few now and I’ve had varying degrees of success at each. The first I went to I didn’t see nearly enough of what was on offer, spending most of my day wandering aimlessly waiting for the three bands I wanted to see, standing at the precipice of a chasm of musical depth that I was yet to plunge into. Last year’s Laneway was my best, I vowed ahead of time to not bother drinking (or more accurately to not spend more time in line for a drink than I actually would drinking it) and mostly kept that promise. Clashes forced me to go in with a see-what-I-can-of-whoever-I-can attitude and honestly the day was better for it. Sure, I kind of regret not seeing Grimes’ entire set but I also got to see Beach House at sunset and pretty sure I would’ve regretted missing that even more.

I’ve put together a playlist of the 10 acts I’m most excited for come this Auckland Anniversary Day. If you’re going; plan ahead but not too rigidly, get there early, eat heaps before going in, and do as Mick Jenkins does and drink water.


I’m 100% making this year the year I arrive on time because I keep missing Fazerdaze every time I plan on getting along to see her. Here’s hoping summer shows the fuck up in time to open the day with some breezy, fuzzy tunes.

Purple Pilgrims

One of my friends saw Purple Pilgrims play at A Low Hum and based on their description and what I’ve heard I’m keen to see as much as I can of their set. Clashes like this and the one later on are why I’m glad I made my peace with half-sets at last year’s fest.

Yukon Era

Saw these dudes open for Cut Off Your Hands a few months back and they were sick, I’ve been itching for a chance to see them again and what better setting than Laneway.

Car Seat Headrest

Honestly the biggest draw for me this year. I’ll be seeing the whole set, as close as possible, screaming along as loud as possible and hopefully not annoying too many people.


I haven’t really listened to too much Refused but I like what I’ve heard and all my friends will probably be here while I’m at Car Seat Headrest so I’ll be heading here to catch what I can for sure.

Cut Off Your Hands

I’ve seen these guys three times total, two of which were last year in their reformed state and they’ve been incredible each time. I’m gutted I’ll be missing some of their set but like me mam used to say; any Cut Off Your Hands is better than no Cut Off Your Hands.

Clams Casino

Was about to say I’ve never heard a solo Clams Casino track but then realised that would be a lie cos I totally did check out his album last year. Well anyway, I’m more familiar with his work producing for rappers so I’ll be heading along here to hear what tracks he decides to drop and because I need something in my lineup that isn’t guitar-y as all fuck


I’ve avoided getting too deep into pre-researching acts I didn’t know before the fest so I haven’t listened to too much Nao but she’s the strongest act of those playing whenever she’s playing so I’ll be following my friends along here.

Mick Jenkins

Honestly still kind of shocked they’ve scheduled a rapper for after 7pm I don’t remember that ever happening at Silo Park (which always seemed dumb to me but whatever). I’ll be heading along because every Mick Jenkins song I’ve heard sounds like it’d be dope to hear in a live situation.

Tame Impala

This will be Tame Impala round four for me and the perfect way to close out the night. They always put on a fantastic show, dragging out their songs and making them sound like completely different beasts to the ones on the records. Stoked to get a chance to see them before the hiatus.



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