Yoooo. What a week. Five sick gigs, one mild hangover, hella good sun times and one sleep til Laneway. S U M M E R.

Go throw Being. a like on Facethang, they opened at three of the gigs I went to this week and they were fantastic every time. The only reason they’re not on this playlist is cause they don’t have any songs online yet but keep an eye out for them.

Playlist is up over here and words are down there. How Get aren’t on Spotify so make sure you head to their bandcamp to give them a listen. Til next time

life-without-soundsCloud Nothings – Up To The Surface

I only started listening to Cloud Nothings because they were playing the first Laneway I went to. I was going pretty much only for Tame Impala because back then my tastes were still developing and I wasn’t as open minded about music as I am today. Anyway, I listened to a few of the bands playing that year and Attack on Memory captured my attention right away and I’ve been a fan ever since. Life Without Sound is a sonic shift from Attack and Here and Nowhere Else but it’s still got everything I loved about the band. It’s a solid album and I can’t wait to listen to it more over the end of the summer.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

pos-chill-dummyP.O.S – Infinite Scroll (feat. Open Mike Eagle and Manchita)

Man it’s good to have a new P.O.S album, especially one as good as Chill, Dummy. The beats on this thing are dark and kinda sparse, the perfect soundtrack to P.O.S’s perfectly formed attacks on a bunch of shit that’s fucked up with the world right now. He sounds as angry as ever, and an angry rap album is the perfect soundtrack to this shit-fit of a political climate.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

take-careHospital Sports – Notes

God damn this album is good though, holy shit. I can’t remember the last time I managed to get along to a Hospital Sports show but they’ve only gotten better over the years. This song especially sounded great, though the recorded version is also impressive in it’s own right. The explosive chorus, the string accompaniment. It’s all so good. These guys are playing Palmerston North and Wellington this week, if you’re nearby head along.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

front-rowWeyes Blood – Seven Words

Ay look it’s another act I saw live this week. I hadn’t heard either Weyes Blood or Circuit Des Yeux but I had heard a lot about both of them putting on fantastic live shows and so I went along. Weyes Blood opened and god damn what a show, what a voice, what stage banter. Y’know how back up there a bit I said I used to not be as open minded about music? I would’ve never given Weyes Blood a chance back then and I would’ve missed the fuck out. If (when?) she comes back, you should definitely head along. I missed out on Circuit Des Yeux due to feeling sick, but honestly Weyes Blood alone was more than worth the ticket price

Listen/buy on bandcamp

sororityjoyseSorority Noise – Your Soft Blood

So after falling in love with No Halo last week I went back and checked out Joy, Departed and jesus christ am I glad I did. They remind me of Brand New in all the best possible ways, there are songs on here with the pop-punk hooks of a truly great Weezer song and some of the most crushing lyrics around. In a week, You’re Not As _____ As You Think has become probably my most anticipated album of the year.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

miss-june-astroMiss June – Anxiety on Repeat

Like so many of the songs on this week’s playlist, this one is another one I managed to see live. And holy shit what a gig. Whammy backroom was packed, loud and sweaty and Miss June’s energetic, noisy punk was the perfect spark to set off the crowd. It was fun as fuck and it’s hard to feel too bad about how I felt today when the gig was as fun as this one was. I’ll be making every effort to see these guys at every chance I get and you should too.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

low-hihCut Off Your Hands – Higher Lows and Lower Highs

I was kinda avoiding having any Laneway 2017 acts on here (that’s what the prelude was for) but this new Cut Off Your Hands track was too good not to include here. Honestly this makes it hurt even more that I’m not going to get to see their full set, all I can do is hope that it lands towards the back of the set list because damn what a groove this is. I love having this band back, and can’t wait to hear whatever they’ve got lined up

Listen/buy on bandcamp

warpaint-warpaintWarpaint – Disco//Very


howgetHow Get – Hobson Street

I came really close to not going to see these guys on Friday but I’m glad I did because whoa what a live band. Feel like I’ve said that about every band I saw live this week but dang if it’s true ya gotta shout it from the rooftops right? Don’t let anybody tell you there’s no good music in this country because they are fucking wrong. It’s everywhere, maybe not every night of the week every week of the year but it’s happening and it’s happening often.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

tiny-ruins-brightTiny Ruins – Carriages

I’m not sure why it took me until this week to get along to a Summer in the Square gig but man that’s a cool set up. Seeing Tiny Ruins play a near sunset set surrounded by the cityscape was a beautiful way to spend a Saturday evening, only marred by having to call out a creepy old man taking pictures of a girl he didn’t know which is still weighing on my mind because what the fuck.

Listen on bandcamp


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