Holy shit it’s hot right now. I’m going to melt but before I’m gone completely I’m going to write about this playlist which is as always up on Spotify HERE.

ICYMI I wrote about Laneway 2017 over here, there’s only one line about food so if you want to read about the actual music at the fest this’ll be right up your alley. I’m gonna go put Process on again and try not to burn to death

blankcBlanck Mass – Silent Treatment

Fuck Buttons are one of those bands I got reallllll into for like three weeks then haven’t really revisited despite absolutely loving what they had done. I’m going to try not repeat that with Blanck Mass, the solo project of Fuck Buttons’ Benjamin John Power, which is just as good at scratching that noisy-electronic itch that rears its head from time to time. The slow build of this song into a menacing barrage of sound is incredible, and between this song and Please I’m hype as fuck for World Eater

Listen/buy on bandcamp

blechBleached – Can You Deal?

Bleached are a band I heard about awhile ago, thought “dang it really sounds like I would enjoy this” and then never followed through with actually listening to them. The release of Can You Deal? reminded me of this and I was determined not to let them slip past this time and whoa that was the best call. This song is a jammmm, with a message at the heart of it that I hope is shouted from every music publication that covers these guys because it’s such an important issue: Stop reducing women musicians to novelty “girl bands”, it’s fucking stupid.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

daisyBrand New – Bed

I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it until it’s not true:

For real.

covets-currnCovet – Pelagic

I only found out about this band this week, courtesy of this sick instagram post, but damn I’m already hella invested in whatever they put out next because whoa this EP is some seriously great sounding math-rock. Perfectly sunny in a way I’ve only heard math-rock sound, it’s pretty as fuck and so interestingly intricate. The artwork is stunning too, and the overall nautical theme behind the EP from the cover to the track names is very fitting.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

sampha-processSampha – Reverse Faults

I said this album was probably going to be one of my favourites to drop this year and fuck I should’ve put money on that conviction because whoa this thing is special. The singles released in the lead up promised greatness and the dude delivered. This thing is front to back phenomenal and is definitely going to get a lot of repeat plays in this house. I’m seeing him live in May and man I don’t know how I’m going to manage waiting that long.

episoField Mouse – A Widow With a Terrible Secret

This week I remembered it had been way too long since I last listened to this fantastic album, and with my whole listening-at-work-until-I’m-told-not-to thing still going uninterrupted I’ve turned from the albums on my phone to the ones in my bandcamp library. This album is full of seriously great shoegazey / fuzzy / dreamy pop jams and I’m disappointed in myself for ignoring it for so long. Never again

Listen/buy on bandcamp

fazerFazerdaze – Lucky Girl

Fazerdaze were one of the highlights of my Laneway but I covered that in depth over hurr already so go read that then come back. This song, released in advance of an album Morningside which is due out in May is yet another incredible piece of bedroom pop. I only found out that there’s an actual album coming that soon today but it’s already pretty high up on my most-anticipated list. The band are playing here again soon, and I’m already looking forward to that too

Listen on soundcloud

yukon-tonguYukon Era – Tongue

Between their set at Rec with Cut Off Your Hands last year and their sick as fuck Laneway set these dudes have earned a place on my see-any-time-you-can-fuck-work-just-go-it’ll-be-mean-and-you’ll-only-regret-not-going list. Which at this point is pretty long. But yeah, the way this song explodes outwards into cacophony at the end is exactly the kind of shit I love from these kinds of indie rock bands and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to listen to it without picturing just how good it sounds live too.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

julia-jacklJulia Jacklin – Small Talk

If I somehow figure out how to stop listening to Sampha’s album today this is the album I’m putting on instead, the chill as fuck folk or whatever this genre actually is seems perfectly suited to my first Sunday of the long weekend as I hide my already too-sunned skin from the sun and enjoy being too hot to actually do any of the things I had planned on doing this weekend. I’m still buzzing over how nice it was to discover Julia’s music live at Laneway, the perfect reward for under-planning a festival day

half-waifHalf Waif – Overthrown

Not surprised but it seems like everybody in Pinegrove is incredibly talented. I’ll probably be making my way through all the side-projects for the next couple of months but I’ve started with Half Waif and it’s in no way disappointing. I’ve only listened through Probable Depths a couple of times so far but I’m already in love with it and can tell it’ll be in rotation for a while

Listen/buy on bandcamp


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