Ayyyy it’s Sunday so as promised here are ten more tunes arranged in no particular order that I’ve been listening to this week


vince-bagVince Staples – Bagbak

Aw shit yeah new Vince Staples already. He’s been on such a solid streak of dope music and Bagbak doesn’t disappoint. It sounds more like the myriad features Vince has been doing since Summertime than anything off that album but lyrically it seems like he’s keeping on with increasing the political content of his tracks. Apparently this single has been dropped with an album just around the corner, I wasn’t expecting a new one so soon but fuck I’ll be there for it when it drops

no-vaycayNo Vacation – Beach Bummer

I don’t know if this song is any indication of what the upcoming No Vacation album on Topshelf Records will sound like given it seems like they’re a pretty different band these days but honestly if it’s even fractionally as sunny and well crafted I’ll be happy. This whole album is perfectly suited to a lazy summer afternoon (as is everything else I’ve heard by them tbh) and I can’t wait to hear what they’ve got in the works

Listen/buy on bandcamp

cayetana-splitCayetana – No Mesa

I think I’ve listened to more Cayetana this week than anything else and I’m more than okay with that. Everything they’ve released is great, but especially this split with Camp Cope and their Audiotree session from last year (which is on YouTube) so I’m already looking forward to their second album which is due out later this year

Listen/buy on bandcamp

pinegrove-cardinalPinegrove – Size of the Moon

If Cayetana aren’t the band I’ve listened to most this week then it’s Pinegrove but it’s too close for me to call either way. Somehow this album manages to surprise me every single time I listen to, a new section moment or lyric grabs hold of all of my attention and refuses to let go until I fully comprehend what is happening. It’s truly great, and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of listening to it

Listen/buy on bandcamp

half-formHalf Waif – Frost Burn

So stoked we’re only a couple of weeks away from Form/a because despite having only listened to Half Waif these past two weeks everything I’ve heard has left me wanting more. The chorus of this song is especially great, I’m a sucker for piano parts like the one that anchors the chorus here but the whole thing from the opening synth to the vocals throughout the track are fantastic. I’m not entirely sure that sentence is grammatically correct but I’m too tired to care

Listen/buy on bandcamp

dikembe-medDikembe – Mad Frustrated

So far I’ve loved everything Dikembe have released but I’m not sure if they’ll ever release anything I love the way I love Mediumship. Don’t take that as a slight on their music before or after, it’s just that Mediumship was the first thing I heard by them and the strong connection I formed with it instantly is pretty hard to replicate. Top to bottom, there is nothing on this album that isn’t carefully constructed and beautifully worded

Listen/buy on bandcamp

hinds-leaveHinds – Warts

Hinds’ music seems tailor made for summer and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure they are better represented any time we’re having drinks. I know they’re working on their second album already but I kinda hope it doesn’t drop until the next southern hemisphere summer so that I can fully appreciate it from the very beginning. But that’s me being selfish, I’ll honestly be happy whenever it drops

Listen/buy on bandcamp

julia-jacklJulia Jacklin – Coming of Age

Mostly including this track to post this the fantastic video that dropped this week for it but it’s a jam and deserves to be heard regardless (but for real watch the video)

floating-pointsFloating Points – Silhouettes (I, II, & III)

I feel like I heard this song at this year’s Laneway but there’s no way to be sure but anyway that’s not important what is important is that if you need some dope background tunes for reading or anything similar, this album carries my personal exclusive recommendation. I read The Circle by Dave Eggers yesterday and a not insignificant part of that reading was done to the sounds of this album. It reminds me of Burial, Nonkeen and Pink Floyd in parts and maybe it’s just me but that is a heavenly combination


Fennec – Mazda Miata Sunrise

I don’t listen to much that sounds like Fennec but with how much I enjoy his music maybe I should be seeking more out. Every time I get close to feeling the need to seek out more house tunes it seems like there’s another Fennec release either dropping or right around the corner so maybe I should just stay patient because nothing they’ve released so far has been anything less than great.

Listen/buy on bandcamp


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