What up what up. Hope your weekend is going well. Me? I’m melting. It’s humid as shit and I hate it. BUT there’s been a tonne of great music coming out. I put some of it on this lil playlist for you. Have a listen/read or if any of y’all out there are telepathic I’m broadcasting all these thoughts as far and wide as inhumanly possible

Most of the songs are on a Spotify playlist over here (Jay Som isn’t on New Zealand Spotify but I’ve tried adding the track anyway so it might work I don’t know. Let’s find out)

mannequin-pussyMannequin Pussy – Romantic

Mannequin Pussy are the first of two bands on here that I seriously considered making the entire playlist (no I’m not telling you what the other is yet, keep reading). I think it was Monday that I started listening to them, maybe last Sunday after writing up week 23 but whenever it was, first listen of this album I fell in love. It’s only 17 minutes long but holy shit, they bounce from punk to shoegaze to dream-pop-esque interludes with ease and without ever sounding like anything other than themselves. It’s seamless and perfect and I really need to see this band live because it sounds like it would be even better.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

mouse-on-the-keys-out-of-bodyMouse on the Keys – Dark Lights

Mouse on the Keys are one of the more unique bands I would put under the sprawling umbrella of math-rock. The trio make music with two pianos, two keyboards and a drumkit and it’s all beautiful. Their latest EP Out of Body is a solid effort, with no two tracks evoking the same elements of mathy music. Dark Lights itself features rising swells over a hip-hop-esque beat before a gentle piano melody sweeps in over top filling out the song. The background swells and drums drop out towards the end of the song, leaving the piano melody to devastate on its own. It’s stunning, and probably my favourite track on here so far

Listen/buy on bandcamp

sorororororSorority Noise – A Better Sun

Sorority Noise are two for two on tracks from YNAAYT as far as I’m concerned. A Better Sun is a more mellow slow burn of effort than the crushing intensity of No Halo but it still has that same core of genuine emotional expression that makes Sorority Noise such a rewarding act to listen to. It’s a great song, and its release was accompanied by a cool interview with Cam Boucher over on Stereogum so go read that then watch their Audiotree session because holy shit what the fuck it’s great.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

carb-on-carbCarb on Carb – Zuri Gaffney

I can’t remember when the last time I saw Carb on Carb was before this past Friday but what I do know is that I’m dumb for going as long as I did without getting along to a show. They were fantastic, all their new songs sound like absolute jams and I can’t wait to hear everything else they’ve been working on because no doubt it’s going to be great (and new music means more shows)

Listen/buy on bandcamp

birdstrikingBirdstriking – Monkey Snake

Every band I saw on Friday were fucking gr8 tho. Daily Keno were fantastic openers with hooks for days, Carb on Carb were as I literally just got finished saying incredible as always and headliners Birdstriking were mindblowing. The Beijing band put on one helluva show for the sweaty Golden Dawn crowd, inspiring a frenzy right up front and from where I was it looked like they were loving it. Hope they come back soon because that was fun as fuck, and I would love to re-experience their noisy brand of rock in the flesh again

Listen/buy on bandcamp

no-joyNo Joy – Theme Song

No Joy are a fucking good band. My vinyl copy of Drool Sucker showed up this week and goddamn what a solid EP from top to bottom. It’s beautifully heavy, a perfectly executed sonic assault of noisy fuzz. The only downside to it being an EP is that it’s over far too soon. I could easily let myself get swallowed up in No Joy’s walls of sound for an entire afternoon and honestly as I’m writing this I think I’ve just set my afternoon plans for this oppressively humid Sunday.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

llhbThe World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Katamari Duquette

This is easily one of my favourite TWIABP songs. No that’s a lie, “easily” is the complete wrong word to use because I honestly love pretty much everything they’ve done. But this would probably be up the top, the way it unfurls into a crushing second half with the repeated Away with God, away with love etc part blows me away every single time I listen to it even though to this day I’ve listened to it a whole heap of times. It still hits in exactly the same way as the first time I heard it

Listen/buy on bandcamp

parq-bun-bParquet Courts and Bun B – Captive of the Sun

I’m pretty sure I’ve already written about this track before seeing as the live version on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was so good but they’ve finally dropped the long-promised studio version and it’s no less amazing. I’m still shocked at how well this fits together because it’s the sort of thing that doesn’t seem like it would work on paper but damn if they didn’t pull it off. I hope this isn’t the last we hear from this unlikely combo

courtneys-iiThe Courtneys – Lost Boys

I know what I said before about listening to No Joy for the rest of the afternoon but when this song came on just now I instantly felt the need to change my plans into an afternoon switching between No Joy, The Courtneys and if I know myself (and I mostly do) when I get to the next track I’m going to add Jay Som to that list. I’m still only on my first few listens of this record but each listen has revealed new little endearing traits which have drawn me in more and more. I picked Lost Boys to include here because it was the first song that really leapt out and grabbed me by the shoulders and said “hey, we’re doing good things here dummy, listen up”. I love the way it gradually expands in subtle explosiveness, getting a little noisier with each passing iteration of the main riff

Buy on bandcamp

jay-som-turn-intoJay Som – Next To Me

So up top in the part where I wrote about Mannequin Pussy I mentioned a second band that I could’ve made this entire playlist out of and here at the end we get to it. Just like with Mannequin Pussy, the music of Melina Duterte captured my interest immediately, and I spent pretty much all of my Thursday and Friday at work listening to Turn Into, I Think You’re Alright/Rush, the singles from Everybody Works and all the myriad loose tracks she’s released over the years. I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to checking her stuff out but now that I have I’m all in. Bring on Everybody Works, it’ll probably be my AOTY*

Listen/buy on bandcamp

*still committed to my anti-list agenda, this was just meant as a reference point so you’d understand just how excited I am for the record. Was this footnote unnecessary? Almost definitely. But we’re here now so you’d better learn to love it. C u next week xx


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