Not gonna lie this one is gonna be rushed so I can crash, I’m dead tired right now but I feel like skipping a week of writing these things would be putting a foot on a soapy tarpaulin draped across a very steep slope.

Spotify thing is up here, words are through here:

oddisee-icebergOddisee – NNGE (feat. Toine)

I’ve started listening to Bandcamp weekly at work each week and it’s been an eye-opening experience. There’s so much good music on those things from all over the globe, by artists I’ve never heard of in genres I would probably never think to seek out. But one of the best things about it is it finally forced me to listen to Oddisee. He’s played in Auckland twice lately and both times I’ve strongly considered going but ultimately flaked due to unfamiliarity with his music. Changing that now, The Iceberg is an incredible listen (as are The Odd Tape and The Good Fight but they didn’t come out this week so w/e) and I’m thankful to Bandcamp for reminding me to check it out

Listen/buy on bandcamp

vagabonVagabon – Cold Apartment

EASILY my favourite album that came out on Friday. I still need to listen to that new Thundercat but I really doubt I’ll enjoy it more than this even though I’ve been excited for it a while now. That’s how good Infinite Worlds is. Expertly executed genre-hopping indie rock with killer (at times reminding me of Hop Along) vocals and incredibly well constructed songs, it’s one of those albums I’ll start right from the top again the instance it wraps up. So far Cold Apartment is the stand out but honestly there’s not a song on here I don’t like.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

kane-strangKane Strang – Oh So You’re Off I See

I arrived part way through Kane Strang’s set on Friday night and by the end of the first half a song I heard I was regretting my lateness. Kane and band put on a great show, each of the songs I did manage to catch were some damn fine indie rock and if they’re any indication this upcoming album is about to be on repeat for a while when it drops. Here’s hoping they come back soon, I won’t fuck up next time I promise

Listen/buy on bandcamp

fazerdaze-epFazerdaze – Treading Lightly

Goddamn Fazerdaze are fantastic. Friday was my second time seeing them (after their terrific Laneway opening set) and my first time seeing them in an intimate venue. It was exactly as great as I thought it was going to be, the packed Cassette Nine was the perfect backdrop for the shimmery stylings of Amelia and band. I don’t remember if I saw them play Treading Lightly at Laneway (p sure I did tho) but it was the highlight of a set list that didn’t have a bad song on it on Friday. Can’t wait a) for the new album and b) to see them live again already

Listen/buy on bandcamp

blechBleached – Flipside

Bleached are two for two so far on tracks from Can You Deal? with Flipside being a deceptively straightforward mid-tempo indie rock jam that has ended up stuck in my head long after I’ve finished listening to it. Still so disappointed in myself for not getting into them earlier tho, between Can You Deal? and Flipside I remembered I was initially going to listen to them before they played at Whammy. Shoulda woulda coulda goddamn

Listen/buy on bandcamp

ybi-abendrotYou Blew It! – Arrowhead

I keep returning to You Blew It!’s excellent Abendrot and loving it more each time. This time around, I was reminded that it’s been a while as they put out a fantastic video for Arrowhead directed by Foxing’s Josh Coll. It’s a stunning/beautiful video for a stunning/beautiful song and it speaks more for itself than I ever could:

Listen/buy on bandcamp

half-formHalf Waif – Wave

Could’ve easily chucked this whole EP on here to be honest because it’s nineteen minutes of fantastic, varied, intricate, beautiful, haunting melodies. Each song works so well here as a piece of the whole that even the singles sound better (which I didn’t and couldn’t ever anticipate). This is definitely going into my regular rotation for the next few months, it seems like the kind of music that would be perfectly suited to Autumn so I can’t wait to see if that hunch is right. I’ll let you know

Listen/buy on bandcamp

prize-no-harm-donePrizegiving – Soft

I will never get sick of listening to this album, I’ve barely gone a week without listening to it since A Low Hum and I can’t see that stopping anytime soon.


Listen/buy on bandcamp


no-vaycay-mindNo Vacation – Mind Fields

I’ve been a fan of what Topshelf Records have been doing for a while now and boy they’ve done it again with picking up No Vacation. The more I hear from this band the more I fall in love, this first single is fantastic and has me hella excited to see what comes next. That last half the song especially


Listen on Soundcloud

jay-som-everyJay Som – Baybee

Thank god this album comes out so soon because I don’t think I could wait any longer than a couple of weeks. All three of the songs released so far have been incredible, my only lament is that I can’t preorder this on wax. Definitely picking it up after next payday.

Listen/watch on YouTube below and preorder it on Bandcamp over here

Til next time


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