What up, here’s some songs.


oddisee-icebergOddisee – Like Really

I like really (sorry) need to spend way more time with this album but so far NNGE and this song have needled their way up to stuck-in-my-head-pretty-dang-often status. They’re really good (like really good (sorry, I’m trying to get mr google to remove these, so sorry)). Dude’s flow on this track is insane, the instrumental is incredibly chill, and every line feels important without seeming preachy or heavy-handed

Listen/buy on bandcamp

vagabonVagabon – Minneapolis

This is far and away my favourite album of the year so far. Last week when I was first getting into it I would’ve sworn that Cold Apartment was easily the best song on Infinite Worlds, this week I’ll swear it’s Minneapolis, next week it’ll be something else. The first half of this song bounces along perfectly, endlessly catchy, and the way this song explodes outwards in the last minute or so is fucking insane. It should be illegal for songs to be this good.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

droolNnamdi Ogonnaya – dOn’t turn me Off (ft. JD AKA ThrashKitten and Mal Devisa)

Once again thanks must go to Bandcamp Weekly for putting me on to yet another great recommendation. I haven’t spent too much time with this album yet (because of all the Infinite Worlds listening I’ve had to do) but this song grabbed my attention immediately due to it being good. I’ll be spending a lot of this week digging deeper and get back to you next week with specifics.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

mannequin-pussyMannequin Pussy – Denial

Feel like y’all might’ve forgotten that this album is 17 minutes of perfect punk jams so I’m bringing it back on here because I can’t have y’all thinking that I’ve forgotten. This is still getting thrown into rotation nearly daily, and right now Denial is probably my favourite track on here. The frantic sound of Marisa’s opening verse is so good, the hook is maybe the lightest moment on the whole record and as the middle track of the album it’s a perfect “breather”

Listen/buy on bandcamp

ome-hella-personalOpen Mike Eagle + Paul White – Dang Is Invincible

Hey you, you looking at this dumb blog, wake up. Go watch the incredible video to this song that premiered on Adult Swim this week because it’s dope and reminded me of how dope this track is. It also reminded me that my vinyl copy of this record will be in the mail like tomorrow and that has me hype because I need an excuse to keep this album in rotation more often

Listen/buy on bandcamp

jess-locke-paper-planesJess Locke – Paper Planes

This year I’m doing my darn best to see as many live shows as possible and so far I’ve done pretty darn well. It’s been a great way of getting into new acts too, I only listened to Jess Locke because of an April tour that got announced with my long-time local favourites Carb on Carb supporting and whew I’m glad I did. Sure would’ve sucked to discover Jess Locke down the line, look back and see that I had a chance to see her and her band live and experience that all too familiar disappointment. This is great, and so is her album from 2015. Expect more words later

Listen/buy on bandcamp

rbcf-fpRolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – French Press

I’m interested to see where I end up landing on these guys because at the core of a lot of their songs is a driving repetitive rhythm that I can imagine getting on my nerves if I succumb to overexposure. On the other hand, that repetitive rhythm thing is a huge part of Queens of the Stone Age’s sound and I love that band a lot. Time will tell. For now though, I’m all in. This song is especially great, with great vocal performances that walk right up to the edge of too-Australian-sounding and stay on the right side of it. The way it explodes outwards in a full on jam towards the end is perfect too, y’know what I take back the shit I said up top, that’s dumb, I dig this a lot and see no reason to expect otherwise anytime soon. I realise I could rewrite all this but fuck it I’m tired

Listen/buy on bandcamp

vagabonVagabon – 100 Years

In the past when I’ve included a band twice for songs off the same album I’ve lumped together the writing parts to make it easier on myself and spare you having to see the album art twice. Not so this time because I need all this extra space to hammer home just how fucking necessary it is for you to listen to this goddamn album. Have you got the point yet? If Minneapolis got your attention, I hope 100 Years helps nail home this point


osososoOso Oso – shoes (the sweater song)

The first time I listened to this mixtape I was really unsure of where I stood on it, until I got to this song which propelled me straight into the “oh I think I love this” camp. It’s perfectly poppy, sunny, pop-punk and listening to this track especially puts a smile on my face, but seriously listen to this whole tape because it’s pretty dang great and that’s coming from somebody who doesn’t normally like their pop-punk all that pop-ish

Listen/buy on bandcamp

jay-som-everyJay Som – The Bus Song

This whole album is streaming over on NPR and honestly stop reading right now and go listen to the damn thing. It’s a close (so very close) second behind the Vagabon album in terms of albums I love from this year and while I can’t imagine Infinite Worlds moving from the top spot if any album is gonna knock it off it’s this one.

Listen on NPR up there, or pre-order the thing on bandcamp over here.


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