What up. Here’s 10 songs and some words about why they’re here


gghwGrayson Gilmour – Hundred Waters

Aw shit yeah, new Grayson Gilmour. His album Infinite Life! still gets regular (probs not regular enough tho) spins and I’ve been eagerly awaiting a follow up and this track doesn’t disappoint. Harmonies for days, beautiful strings, whew. There’s a 360 degree video for this track that for god knows what reason I haven’t checked out yet but the description alone is enough for me to at least mention it. Go watch it, I promise I will when I’m done here too

Listen/buy on bandcamp

diet-cig-swearDiet Cig – Barf Day

Goddamn I don’t know how Diet Cig expect anybody to have to wait so long for Swear I’m Good At This when every track they drop from it ends up being this good. I’ve pre-ordered the vinyl already and I’m tempted to stop listening to these new tracks until it shows up but I know I’ll probably break the second they put something else out because wilfully depriving myself of Diet Cig is a dumb idea. I think I just talked myself out of it

Listen/pre-order on bandcamp

gpppGirlpool – 123

Full disclosure this was the first Girlpool track I’ve listened to but it’s so good that it made me immediately search out their previous releases to try make up for lost time and I’m glad I’ve got those songs to listen to until Powerplant drops because whoa I’m keen for this album already. I love the way the song fills out when the drums kick in, can’t wait to hear the rest of this thing

Listen/pre-order on bandcamp

fsthfForest Swords – The Highest Flood

Forest Swords’ album Engravings is still one of my favourite electronic releases ever (probably) and oh man it feels good to have new music from the dude. This track picks up exactly where that album left off, I read somebody somewhere on this big ol’ internet say they thought Forest Swords’ music would be the perfect score to a modern day Kurosawa film and I don’t know if I’ll be able to do anything but imagine that when I’m listening to this (at least for awhile)

Listen/buy on bandcamp

cayetana-splitCamp Cope – Keep Growing

I feel like given how often I’ve seen Camp Cope’s name popping up I should’ve listened to them way sooner than getting into them through their split with Cayetana but here we are. At least I’m on board now right? Both this track and Footscray Station are absolute jams, I definitely feel like I’ve been missing out and I’m going to do my best to catch up on what I’ve been missing

Listen/buy on bandcamp

focFrank Ocean – Chanel

Not only does Frank drop a new track on his Beats1 show by playing it on repeat, he releases a remix with A$AP Rocky at the same damn time. Both versions of Chanel are crazy dope, and if this is the first sign of a more giving and free-releasing Frank then sign me the fuck up. This feels more like a track off the IMO unfairly but understandably overlooked Endless than Blonde but I dig it. Even then, just the fact it has drums running through the whole thing and a more conventional song structure makes it feel like its own thing. What matters is it’s a great song, I’ll never say no to more Frank

fcnt.jpgFrankie Cosmos – If I Had a Dog

Frankie Cosmos played REC on Saturday and they were every bit as fantastic live as I had heard they would be. I’m seriously impressed they played as well as they did, given that it was more sauna than bar and the waaaaaay too huge portion of the crowd that seemed to be talking throughout the entire set. If it bothered them they didn’t show it, and instead played jam after jam with a warm stage presence and great banter. If you get the chance to see them live, do so

Listen/buy on bandcamp

fazerdaze-epFazerdaze – Reel

Half way through their set on Saturday opening up for Frankie Cosmos I realised I’ve seen Fazerdaze once a month so far this year. I have very little control over this streak continuing but I’m putting all the energy I possibly can out there to make it happen. We’re just under two months from their debut album Morningside and I can’t wait because a) bet that’ll be dope and b) I’ll get at least one more chance to see them in the near future. Do yourself a favour and be there too

Listen/buy on bandcamp

tbwbThe Beths – Whatever

I don’t know how I hadn’t listened to these guys before Saturday but I do know I’m glad I got to the gig early enough to catch them because I’ve now got yet another local band on my “hey if these guys are playing go see them, dummy” list. They were fantastic, and I’m already looking forward to checking them out again whenever they next play a show

Listen/buy on bandcamp

jay-som-everyJay Som – One More Time, Please

No doubt next week’s playlist will have yet another Jay Som song, and in that space I’ll no doubt declare whatever song I’ve chosen my favourite on here, and no doubt the day after I post it that will have changed. BET that happens with this track, which right now is my favourite. I don’t know what I could say that would adequately describe how good this song better than the song could do on its own. Listen to it already, jeez

Listen/buy on bandcamp


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