What up y’all. Here’s yr tunes for this week. Hope you like them as much as I do


Julien Baker – Distant Solar Systems

I’m not sure there will ever be a time where a new Julien Baker track comes out that doesn’t end up on here. Between Sprained Ankle, and this and Funeral Pyre she’s yet to disappoint and I don’t think she ever will. This song is great in the way that all her songs are, a slight finger-picked melody anchors the song building up over the course of its 5 minute run time with her vocals drawing you in and wrapping you in emotion


Sorority Noise – A Portrait Of

You’re Not As _____ As You Think is finally out and oh man it is everything I hoped it would be. Out of all the “new” songs on here (so everything bar No Halo / A Better Sun) A Portrait Of is the one that has stuck with me the most so far, from the deeply, honestly, personal lyrics right from the start to the crushing riff that kicks in after the first verse to the “and I’ll say it again and again and again” build up to the absolutely stunning outro, this track is start to finish an incredible song.

Girlpool – Cherry Picking

After discovering Girlpool last week with the release of the very dope new track 123 I’ve gone back and listened to their previous album and while it’s all pretty good, this track was the one that immediately leapt out to me. I love the way it builds over the course of the song without percussion or distortion which means the bulk of the increased tension comes from the vocal performance. While I’m excited to hear more in the vein of 123 with a drummer, this track especially proves that they did just fine without one.

Hinds – Bamboo

I’m pretty sure this was the first Hinds song I heard, but if not then at least I can absolutely say it’s my favourite. I’ve loved this whole album for a while now, and have only just managed to grab it on vinyl which was pretty good timing considering I’ve got these last few days of lingering summer warmth to really enjoy it.

Eyes No Eyes – On T.V.

I’m stoked this band has finally put something out into the world in recorded music form because I’ve been hoping/waiting for a track since seeing them live a few weeks ago. On T.V. does a pretty great job of capturing what I liked about them at that gig, nice melodies, fuzzy shoegaze-esque guitars and just the feeling that it needs to be played LOUD. I hope there’s more where this came from, and that I don’t have to wait too long for another chance to see them live.

Expert Timing – Nervous Wreck

This whole Selective Hearing EP is pretty dang good but I think this is the track on it that shows what Expert Timing are capable of the best. The little back and forth section between Jeff and Katrina is really cool, so is that harmonic-heavy solo. It’s a tight, well written pop punk song and sometimes that’s all you need.

Snail Mail – Thinning

There has been so much SXSW news in my Twitter feed of late and I’m doing my best to find time to listen to as much of the stuff I’m seeing talked about by people whose opinions I trust and I would be questioning why on earth I would ever want to put in the effort if said effort hadn’t led to me checking out Snail Mail. This track is killer, the EP it’s off is killer, and I hope Lindsey manages to make her way over here for a show one day because from the sound of things it would be even better live

Bonobo – Surface (feat. Nicole Miglis)

Bonobo is one of those names I’ve seen around forever but for whatever reason never actually listened to. He’s just this week announced he’s playing a show at the Auckland Town Hall which I figured was as good a sign as any that I should give his music a listen (to avoid another patented “oh shit this is dope OH COOL THEY PLAYED HERE LAST MONTH AND I DIDN’T GO” deal (still hurt over missing Explosions in the Sky)). So I’m making my way backwards through his albums and I’ve immediately realised I’ve been missing out on some great stuff.

Yohuna – The Moon Hangs In The Sky Like Nothing Hangs In The Sky

One of the best ways I’ve found of discovering new music is to check out bands that tour with bands I already know and love and that’s how I came to listen to Yohuna (shout out to Foxing). I’ve only listened to this album once through so far but it’s going to be getting a bunch more plays at work and a lot of that is due to this one song. It features the most beautiful use of chugging guitars I’ve maybe ever heard.

Jay Som – I Think You’re Alright

I’ve loved every Jay Som song I’ve heard so far but none come close to how I feel about I Think You’re Alright. I bought a copy of the 7″ about 30 seconds into it. It still hits me exactly the same way every time I listen to it. I love it, and it’s easily my favourite song I’ve heard so far this year. I can’t imagine that changing.


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