I feel like I’m going to drop into the deepest sleep of my life any minute now so without further ado here’s yr 10 songs for this week.

Listen on Spotify right here

Angel Olsen – Intern

It’s been a little while since I last listened to My Woman but Angel’s live in studio session for KEXP was as good a reminder as any of just how fantastic an album it is. The whole session is worth a watch, but the rendition of Intern was especially great.

Gorillaz – Ascension (feat. Vince Staples)

Holy shit that tracklist for Humanz is absolutely STACKED and I can honestly say the last thing I was expecting to drop this week was four (F O U R!) brand new Gorillaz songs, all of them varying levels of greatness. The standout of the four, at least right now anyway, is Ascension with Vince Staples doing his thing over a Gorillaz beat better than I would’ve dared dream. I still think the Danny Brown track is likely to end up my favourite, but for now this is the standout (Saturnz Barz GOES too tho)

Rainer Maria – Breakfast Of Champions

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to give Rainer Maria a proper listen but oh man am I glad I finally did. I spent a good part of my Saturday just making my way forward through their discography and I’m looking forward to jamming a bunch of them way more often

Yukon Era – Vietnam Man

I’m sure I’ve told you to go see Yukon Era live before, but it bears repeating. This past Friday I caught them live at Whammy and holy shit they brought their A game, playing through every song they had, even when the bass player lost a string, closing with an explosive rendition of Everlong.

Julien Baker – Good News (Piano Version)

This was already one of my favourite tracks off Sprained Ankle but whoa. This Piano Version, released as part of the Our First 100 Days project, is something else entirely. The song was already devastatingly beautiful before, but something about swapping the guitar out for a piano just makes it hit that much harder. It’s seriously stunning.

Sorority Noise – Where Are You?

If I had made this playlist before Wednesday of this past week it would’ve just been You’re Not As _____ As You Think from front to back. It’s the only thing I listened to for those first five or so days after it was released and I swear every time I listened to it a different song hit me harder than any other. At last listen, the song that I was loving the most was this one, Where Are You?. It’s one of the more pop-punky instrumentals on the album but I mean right from the opening lines it’s lyrically crushing. The whole album walks that fine line between soaring uplifting backing tracks with heart wrenchingly, honest, lyrics but this is the one that’s walking the line the best for me right now

Football, Etc. – Save

I haven’t listened to as much Football, Etc. as I probably should have, given just how much I’ve liked every song of theirs I’ve heard. Save, from the upcoming Corner is fantastic, with it’s delicate, harmonic-backed verses that transition seamlessly to a deceptively catchy hook and a shoegaze-esque fuzzy bridge. There’s nothing in here I don’t like

American Football – Everyone Is Dressed Up

Usually when a song ends up on here because of a podcast it’s through Song Exploder or Open Mike Eagle’s Secret Skin, but not today. American Football returned to Comedy Bang Bang for a second appearance and it was every bit as great as the first visit. If you’ve got the time you should definitely give the whole thing a listen, if not for the beautiful renditions of songs from their second self-titled then for hearing the members go back and forth with Scott and John Lennon (as played by Mike Hanford).

Diet Cig – Link In Bio

I gave in and listened to this almost immediately after it dropped and I can’t be mad at myself. Like every other song released from Swear I’m Good At This so far, Link In Bio is a jammmm. It’s again, a very upbeat poppy punk number, with the lyrics again attacking an important issue not just in the music scene but all over, and done well. I’m so glad we don’t have to wait too much longer for Swear I’m Good At This, because I’m not sure how much more waiting I have in me

Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Part 4

Man it must suck to end up on the receiving end of a Kdot diss/attack. Dude is better at dismantling targets than anybody else out there right now. I don’t know what he’s got in store for us on April 7th but I do know I’m doing everything in my power to make sure I’ve got my shit together by then



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