Yooooooo what’s good. It’s Sunday, I’m not that hungover, & I feel good. Here’s some tunes that are also good. Listen on Spotify over here

Mount Kimbie – We Go Home Together (ft. James Blake)

Man, this song. It’s beautiful. That organ/synth sound. James’ vocals. The percussive looped sample. It’s been awhile since we’ve had new Mount Kimbie, & this sounds pretty removed from their last album but shit, can’t be mad when it sounds this good. AND it comes with a sick vid too, what more could you want

Elsa Hewitt – Snow White Lily

Once again I would like to give a shout out to Bandcamp weekly for consistently hooking me up with fantastic new acts. Elsa Hewitt was featured in the same episode that put me on to Salami Rose Joe Louis & Kelly Lee Owens & this album she put out on Friday, Cameras From Mars is an incredible listen. This song especially reminds me of Gold Panda in the best possible ways, it sounds fragile, slightly fractured, & I love it

Pinegrove – Visiting (Live in Seattle on 11.16.16)

I’m cheating a little bit here, I’ve already put Visiting on one of these before but I had to again. I somehow managed to fall even more deeply in love with Pinegrove than I was before, & this song especially. Rediscovering it this week has felt destined, the lyrics tessellate perfectly onto some of my own feelings of late & so every AAAAAAAA Evan howls out feels especially cathartic

JFDR – Higher State

AGAIN, shout out to Bandcamp weekly. I tweeted out earlier this week about listening to this album & feeling at peace with the world & honestly I can’t sum it up any better than that. It’s a soothing listen, & well worth yr time

Diet Cig – I Don’t Know Her

Fuck yeah this album is out. I’m not sure what else there is left for me to say, it’s exactly what I wanted, a poppy, fun, rock album with lyrics that feel incredibly personal & earnest without being sappy or overwrought

Cayetana – Certain For Miles

Every dang song Cayetana release from their upcoming New Kind of Normal somehow manages to be better than the last. I love the way this song builds up to that huge “ALL FIGURED OUT” moment and I can’t help but think about how great it would be to see them live and belt it out with everyone else in the crowd. Here’s hoping I get the chance one day

Microwave – Lighterless

I should’ve listened to Microwave when I got told to listen to Microwave but I’m doing my best to make up for all this lost time. This Much Love album is hella tight, it has at different times reminded me of Manchester Orchestra, Grandview & Balance and Composure & that’s sick af. The more I listen to the lyrics of this thing the more I appreciate how witty it is, avoiding that too self serious thing a lot of rock albums of late can kinda get bogged down in. There are soaring hooks all over this thing, it’s just all around GOOD

Perspective, a Lovely Hand to Hold – Pepe Silvia

I am an absolute sucker for hammer on filled mathy riffs, trumpets & It’s Always Sunny references so this song feels like it was almost tailor made for me

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Cross My Heart

IT’S HAPPENING. We have new Melody’s Echo Chamber & there is more on the way & that is hella tight. Apparently Melody was going to drop the whole Bon Voyage album this week but decided it needed some last minute mastering & dropped just this song instead & I can’t be too mad. It’s a fantastic, shifting song, it sounds like Melody but pushes into newish territory that still feels like her

Salami Rose Joe Louis – Everything Is Not Quite Fine

There are 17 tracks currently streaming from Salami’s upcoming Zlaty Sauce Nephew & they are all fantastic, & honestly I couldn’t pick a favourite of them so far so I went with the last one I listened to. It’s a good indicator of what is so dope about Salami’s music, that combo of low-key, straight to the point beats & hushed, breathy vocals works well. I’m getting the feeling this is gonna be one of those albums that really needs to be taken in in its entirety (which tbh is most albums for me anyway but STILL)


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