What up y’all. Happy easter/long weekend/whatever you choose to call it. This morning I walked through one of my favourite parks, listening to Nujabes, feeling zen as all hell & now I’m drinking a beer, enjoying the warmth & feeling good. Hope yr enjoying whatever it is yr doing too.

This playlist is on Spotify over here, click through for this week’s words:

Pinegrove – Need 2 (Audiotree Live Version)

I’ve been on one hell of a Pinegrove kick lately & I don’t think it’ll stop anytime soon. The last time I felt as strongly about a band’s whole discography was when I found The National in I think 2012. I could’ve put all (or almost all, there’s one song I don’t like & that’s it) of their songs here & probably will in the future but felt Need 2 deserved a place since I’ve been singing “I’M OUT” all week near constantly, specifically in the same way Evan does in this Audiotree session. The album/EP version is incredible in an almost entirely different way, so make sure you check that one too if you like this one. What a band

Joey Bada$$ – ROCKABYE BABY (feat. ScHoolboy Q)

I still haven’t spent enough time with this whole album but I’m making plans to change that. But this song though, holy shit it’s good. The beat is all the good kinds of ominous & menacing, both Joey & Q absolutely put their best raps forward & it just all works really fucking well. I’ve got a lot of time for rap in this vein & I’m glad there are still people doing it

Jess Locke – Better/Bitter

Aw shit yeah, I’m seeing Jess Locke this week with Carb on Carb & The Beths & I can’t wait. This song is an absolute jam, with a gr8 video to boot. If you’re in the North Island go here to see when they’re in yr area & get yrself to the dang gig

Kendrick Lamar – XXX feat. U2

I never could’ve predicted my favourite song on DAMN. being the one with U2 on it. I don’t reaaaaaally have anything against them tho, just really generally ambivalent about their whole existence (altho they deserve some respect for their part in helping the greatest 2 hours of comedy podcast ever happen) but this song is fantastic. It’s still way too soon to know where I land on DAMN.  as a whole but I’m digging a lot of what I’m hearing so far

Ratboys – Control

If you are new to reading this blog it might pay to know how much love I have for Ratboys: All of it. They’re goddang fantastic, I have listened to AOID countless times & have been eagerly awaiting news of a new album & now we have it. GN is out in June, & Control, the first single from the album is a perfect example of the warm, cozy “post-country” sound Ratboys are v good at making

Girlpool – It Gets More Blue

Girlpool are now two for two on songs from their upcoming album Powerplant. It Gets More Blue, like 123 before it, is a indie rock jam, I want to make a blanket out of that fuzzy chorus & live in it. I can already see myself spending many a summer afternoon lazily lounging to this album

Forget It. – Ten Dollars

Forget It.’s whole Milo EP is well worth the ~15 minutes it takes to listen to but dang Ten Dollars on its own makes the whole thing worth it. This is easily one of the best songs I’ve heard this year, I’ve had it stuck in my head for days since I first listened & wouldn’t be surprised if it stays stuck there for a while longer. A friend of mine described it as Joyce Manor x American Football & I’m not sure I could sum it up any better than that

Frank Ocean – Biking feat. Jay Z & Tyler, The Creator

One of my favourite things of this year so far is the increase in frequency with which Frank Ocean has been dropping new music & what good music it is too. Chanel was dope af & now we get Frankie rapping & a new Tyler verse for the first time in what feels like way too long. I don’t know what we did to deserve this, but if any of y’all let me know I’ll be sure to do my part to help us get more, I need it

Joyce Manor – Beach Community

I’ve been listening to Joyce Manor a lot again since I’ve got plans to restring my guitar & relearn everything I should remember at this point. Their music seems like the perfect way back in for me, with their short running times & immensely catchy hooks hopefully I can avoid the usual distractions that keep me from playing with all my attention

oso oso – out of the blue

Both The Yunahon Mixtape & Real Stories of True People Who Kind of Looked Like Mosters… have grown on me a lot since I first started listening to oso oso, & they’ve served as the perfect upbeat break from some of the sadder music I listen to. out of the blue is a really good album closer, & it seemed fitting to close out week 31 with it too so here we are, here we’ll wait, til the next time


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