What up y’all. I’m exhausted & feel stupid for not taking tomorrow off & having a four day weekend like everybody else I know seems to be doing but ahh well. Here’s 10 good songs you should listen to. Stream on Spotify here

Dikembe – Scottie Spliffin

I’ve been playing this EP a lot lately since the version with the Freaks & Geeks samples got put back on Spotify. I’ve tried thinking of an EP I like as much as this one and keep coming up blank, it’s 10 minutes of instrumentally solid ’10’s emo with a raw edge to it & typically witty lyrics. When yr done with that listen to everything else Dikembe have put out because they’re gr8 & deserve yr attention

Jess Locke – Change the Sheets

I had the chance to see Jess Locke earlier this week & dang she & her band were fantastic. This song especially sounded really good live, I don’t know how they managed to get such a full sound out of the three of them but I’m glad they did. Here’s hoping they come back soon

Explosions in the Sky – Glittering Blackness

For some reason whenever I think about Explosions in the Sky I forget how good an album How Strange, Innocence is. It’s maybe their most raw/uncomplicated album but something about how they’ve used the basic building blocks to create such an expansive & explosive (had to.) sound is impressive as hell. It’s a sound that has been imitated to death but I still don’t think any of their copiers have managed to replicate the uniqueness of their sound which is present even here. What a good band

Dasher – We Know So

This song sounds kinda like if My Bloody Valentine played punk & I am all about it

Braid – A Dozen Roses

Frame & Canvas is far & away the album I’ve listened to the most this week, I saw a link to I Keep A Diary on reddit & remembered that despite owning Braid’s No Coast I’ve really never dug deep into their back catalogue. I love when this happens. Turns out Frame & Canvas is incredible. Right from the first listen A Dozen Roses leapt out & grabbed my attention, with it’s slightly off-kilter guitar sound & ear-wormy drum fills. I can’t wait to get around to the rest of Braid’s music

Cayetana – Bus Ticket

Cayetana have quickly become a band that I’ll include on here anytime they put something new out because of course it’s gonna be great. Bus Ticket is yet another absolute jam that has me hype as hell for New Kind of Normal, I dig the way it builds up &

Kendrick Lamar – DNA.

DAMN. has definitely already grown on me a bunch & the more I listen the more I start thinking that DNA. might be my favourite jam on here so when it got a video this week I was pretty stoked. That beat switch is insane, the beat in general is just sick & damn Kung Fu Kenny went in

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die – Heartbeat in the Brain

I’ve been listening to Whenever, If Ever a lot this week & am still in disbelief that there was a time where I didn’t love this album unconditionally. Heartbeat in the Brain is for the moment my most returned to track on here, I love the way it opens up real strong with a quieter second half & the way the line “if your arms become smoke then I’ll have nothing left to hold” hangs around in my brain long after I finish listening to it

For Everest – Turnpike

I love when bands I like do splits with bands I’ve heard good things about because it’s exactly the kick up the ass I need sometimes to actually listen to things. From what I’ve heard so far (this split & their 2016 album We Are At Home In The Body) For Everest make exactly the sort of wide-screen emo that I love a lot & I can’t wait to dig more into it. Both their songs on this split are really gr8 but Turnpike is the one that hit me most immediately

Carb on Carb – Practicing for Retirement

Whew both these new Carb on Carb songs are so good. I struggled with picking which one to throw on here but went with Practicing for Retirement because so far at least I think it’s the better of the two recordings (Ma was better live tho). I’m gutted I won’t get another chance to see them for a while since they’re moving to Australia but with jams this good I’m sure I’ll survive the wait


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