If you had asked me last week what would’ve ended up on this week’s playlist I would’ve sworn that it’d have a bunch of Gorillaz but I spent all the time I was going to listen to Humanz watching Freaks and Geeks instead. Maybe next time around. ANYWAY, here are 10 tunes I did hear this week that I liked.


Feist – I Wish I Didn’t Miss You

If you’ve read any of my posts before this one you should already know I am terrible at listening to things I am guaranteed to love. Pleasure is the first Feist album I’ve listened to all the way through, so I don’t have any benchmark to compare it to in terms of her past work but dang I like what I’m hearing here. The tracks like I Wish I Didn’t Miss You, which are beautifully lo-fi & stripped back are the ones that have hit me more immediately but honestly this whole thing is pretty gr8 & I can’t wait to cash in another late pass & work my way back through her other albums

You Blew It! – The Fifties

Grow Up, Dude turned five this week which was as good an excuse as any to listen to it a whole bunch. The whole record still holds up really well, but it’s this song, just guitar & vocals, that still stands out. It’s the song on the album with the most hints at where YBI! would end up heading & maybe that’s why it’s the one that pops into my head when I see that cover

SZA – Love Galore (feat. Travis Scott)

Somebody online somewhere compared this song to Frank Ocean & now I can’t help but hear the similarities even though it’s still a very different song to one Frank would probably drop in 2017 (although who even knows with that dude anymore, he’s become an enigma & I’m very onboard with all of it). ANYWAY, back to this song. It’s vibey as shit & I dig it a bunch

Boy Rex – X Marks the Pact

I’ve listened to every single Boy Rex song at least three times each this week & they’re all varying levels of good. On three different mornings I woke up with Drug Lord by William Bonney stuck in my head & it made me want to find out what Jack Senff had been up to lately, & the answer was Boy Rex. His extended EP The Bloodmonths is very sick, as is the demo EP he dropped last year but it’s this song & Fortune Tellers that have got me hype af for his upcoming full length. It scratches that IIOI / Owen itch real well & even with the huge amount of music from both those dudes I’m not gonna turn down more in that arena

Miss June – Drool

I’ve been listening to Miss June’s Matriarchy EP a lot lately, usually when I finish a podcast episode but still have a bit more walking to do before I get home. It’s still fucking good, it instantly takes me back to both times I’ve seen them the last few months & I can’t wait to hear what they’ve been working on recently. Very seriously one of my favourite local bands currently out there

Shabazz Palaces – Shine a Light (feat. Thaddillac)

Oh shit yeah, new Shabazz. I’m not sure any words I put in here could adequately reflect just how gorgeous a song this is so I’ll let it speak for itself

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die – Fightboat

I’ve still been bumping this a whole lot this week & even listening to this again now as I write this makes me want to put the whole thing on again. The horns on this song made me realise just how much I appreciate a well utilised horn section & I will forever be grateful for that

Forest Swords – Panic

Yooooo each new song that Forest Swords feels better than the last & I don’t know how I’m going to manage to wait for Compassion much longer. Panic is eerie as shit & lord that “I fear something’s wrong” sample is spooky. I dig it

Pinegrove – Recycling

This week my favourite Pinegrove song is Recycling. It’ll be something else next week but right now I can’t get enough of this song & it’s ocelot similes, bark carving & can recycling. Both the original version & the Audiotree one are fantastic, the rare case where I can’t choose a favourite of the two

Death Cab for Cutie – Transatlanticism

I can’t believe it took me until now to finally listen to Death Cab for Cutie but here we are. I’m drafting up apology notes to everybody who ever told me I would like em because they were oh so very right. I like this whole album a lot but it’s the whole last half of this song & the build up to it that really smacked me in the face & blew me away. I’m so stoked I finally listened to a recommendation & I’ll probably end up spending the rest of my day bumping this & reading


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