What up y’all. This week was the first one that actually felt like Autumn & I’m all about it. Go see Get Out. Go see Colossal. Listen to these ten tunes & read the words I wrote about them.


Japanese Breakfast – Machinist

This is so different to everything else Michelle has put out as Japanese Breakfast so far but damn she’s picked a good direction to head in. The synths sound great, the Kilo Kish-esque spoken word parts work super well, the autotune is nice & THAT GOD DAMN SAX PART. All this & a fantastic video too. I’m here for all of it

LCD Soundsystem – call the police

This is HAPPENING. Now that that’s out of the way, both these long overdue new LCD jams are pretty damn good but it’s call the police that I’ll likely be returning to a bunch. The way the whole song unfurls over the course is exactly the sort of thing I want in a sprawling LCD number so I’m stoked. I didn’t get into them until they had already broken up so I’m less salty about the break-up / reunion gap than some others but I feel like these songs are a good way of proving it was all for the best

Small Circle – We Belong Here

You tell me that Cam & Adam from Sorority Noise / Old Gray have a new project hell yeah I’m gonna check that shit out. This whole Melatonin EP is great (because of course it dang is), it’s wayyy more chill than either of those other projects, but it still gets rowdy. We Belong Here is a nice lil indie rock jam, with fuzzy effect laden guitar melodies driving the song for the most part, leaving Marissa’s vocal floating a little over top. It’s good stuff. Because of course it is

Free Throw – Better Have Burn Heal

So down for more Pokemon references in song titles. I’ve spent a whole lot of this week getting way more into Free Throw, largely on the strength of both this single & Randy, I am the Liquor (also here for Trailer Park Boys quotes as song titles). Free Throw are great at singing about a heap of relatable ass shit, blending straightforward pop-punk with twinklier emo stuff & sounding damn good while doing all of it. All this is true about Better Have Burn Heal & I can’t wait to hear this whole thing later this month

Slowdive – Star Roving

I find shoegaze on the whole pretty hit or miss. Love MBV but can’t see what the appeal of Ride is. I’ve liked every Slowdive song I’ve heard but never really listened to them as much as I probably should’ve but that’s probably changing now that they’ve dropped this stunner of a self-titled effort. It’s everything I want in a shoegaze album; dual vocals, fuzzy walls of sound, strong song structure & melody anchoring the whole thing & keeping it from blowing away in a breeze. Star Roving was the first song I heard from this album & right now it’s still my favourite (tho that album closer is pretty damn nice too). I’m already looking forward to spending a lot more time letting myself be submerged entirely in this beautiful soundscape

Palm – Walkie Talkie

Ooh yes. Wiry mathy indie rock. It’s my thing. Not my whole thing but I’m still always down for more of it. Walkie Talkie is angular & a little jarring but once you find the groove in it oh man is it rewarding. This was my introduction to Palm & I’m real excited to both hear what else they’ve already put out & take a seat on the Shadow Expert hype train

Fazerdaze – Misread

Stoked that now that Morningside is out I get to share one of my favourite Fazerdaze jams with y’all. Misread is one of the punchier tracks on here, anchored by an especially fuzzy riff with the repeated “Have I misread the way I feel about you” begging to be shouted along to. It’s great & I hate to be that guy but you really do have to hear it live

Death Cab for Cutie – We Looked Like Giants

Still listening to Transatlanticism a lot, doing my best to make up for all these years I’ve wasted. I knew I would love this song within the first forty seconds, the way it opens up as the main line kicks in absolutely knocked me down & still does every single time I’ve listened to it (so far at least). I’ve been playing guitar more lately & listening to this now I think I’m gonna have to have a crack at learning this jam

Cayetana – World

Due to the overwhelming amount of music that came out this past Friday I’ve only had a chance to listen to New Kind of Normal once but so far this song is one that’s standing out. It’s a very different song to what I would expect from Cayetana but damn if it doesn’t work. It’s a more mellow affair, with some stretched out sirens (or something that sounds like them) playing behind the whole thing lending an eerie atmosphere to the whole track. This is the best kind of surprise, finding a track from a band that you already love that is good & affecting for a whole new set of reasons

Modern Baseball – Just Another Face

Cashing in yet another late pass to tell y’all I’ve fallen in love with Modern Baseball. I’ve no idea why they didn’t click immediately but this week they clicked in a big way. Holy Ghost has already retroactively become one of my favourite albums of last year & yet more proof for my year-end-lists-are-dumb argument. All the songs on here are pretty fantastic but it’s album closer Just Another Face that I found most immediately gratifying. It’s loudly devastating, endlessly catchy with the kind of chorus you don’t really want occassion to sing & relate to but that you’re happy you have when the moment fits. If I ever get the chance to see these guys live there’s a good chance I’ll tear up when they play this & a 100% chance I’ll hurt my throat screaming along


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