What up y’all. Here are 10 more jams I think you should listen to. Call yr mother if ya haven’t already


Ratboys – Elvis is in the Freezer

I’ve said it many times before & I won’t ever stop saying it. Ratboys are the best. Their upcoming second album GN was already one of my most anticipated of the year after first single Control, & now they’ve put out another helluva jam with a dope video too. This song rips way more than any other Ratboys song, but still sounds good in all the ways they usually do. It’s tight

Modern Baseball – Alpha Kappa Fall Of Troy The Movie Part Deux (2 Disc Director’s Cut)

Of all the truly tremendous & great moments in Modern Baseball songs I’m pretty sure the part in this song around half of the way in where the screamed background vocals kick in behind the line “& the spiders were showing off their sense of humour on the ceiling spinning letters together I read ‘we keep you safe'” is my favourite one. I’ve had this EP & the three MoBo albums on repeat literally all week & I’m still not even a little sick of them

No Vacation – Yam Yam

Goddamn this is a sick tune & that puts No Vacation at two fer two in terms of stellar tracks in their current lineup. As far as I know there hasn’t been any word of when an album is coming but BET I’ll be excited as heck for when that comes out, I need more songs like this in my life & so do all of you

The National – The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness

The weather has just started taking a turn into perfect The National weather so what a gift it was this week when they dropped a new single. I’m not one of those people who thinks The National need to change things up more but I’m certainly open to it & this song, with its increased usage of electronics, loud capital ‘R’ Riff central recurring motif & A GUITAR SOLO? have definitely done a lot to assure me Sleep Well Beast is likely to be another fantastic release in a near unparalleled streak of quality music. I’ve claimed The National as my favourite band for a few years now & I doubt that’s changing anytime soon

Girlpool – Kiss and Burn

This album exceeded all of my already pretty high expectations. The melodies on this thing are absolutely fantastic & the few times they choose to get loud it works to stunning effect. Kiss and Burn is an early standout but honestly I like the whole thing a lot & would definitely recommend you spend half an hour of your time giving in to the charming pleasure that is Powerplant

Surf Dads – Vices

Goddamn this album is tight. I was listening to it at work on Friday while it was stormy as shit outside & it took me away to a place made of sun & beach vibes. Not to mention that fucking gr8 album cover. I’ve put Vices on here because dang that loud explosion of noise at the end of the song absolutely rips but again, the whole thing is 100% worth yr time & attention

Stolen Jars – Another November

There is so much going on in this song & I love all of it. It starts of with a folk-y math-y sound before abruptly changing into a completely different beast out of nowhere around the 0:40 second mark. It’s surprising & kinda comes out of nowhere but goddamn it it works so well. All of it does. The background swells, the clattering drumbeat & all of it in service of such a beautiful vocal performance

Hoops – Rules

They’re completely different beasts, but much like that Surf Dads album, Routines is an album that screams ‘summer vibes’ with every blissful, fuzzed out note. It seems tailor made for the orange-hued, beer tinged, late night sunsets of the dead of summer. I can’t wait to get a chance to test it out later on this year & yeah I’m pretty damn sure I’ll still be listening to this then. It’s good

Now, Now – SGL

They’re back! Now, Now’s Threads was a really good album & tbh I was beginning to think we weren’t gonna get a follow up. But here we are. SGL shows off a new direction for the once again two-piece, but there’s still all the elements of what made Now, Now so good in the first place (like that vocal part that kicks in at 1:45 whewwww). If this is what new Now, Now is gonna be going sign me the fuck up I’m down for all of it

Slowdive – Falling Ashes

I already mentioned last week how much I liked this song & I still feel exactly the same so here it is. It’s a monumental closing track, anchored by a beautiful piano line & slowly but surely picking up momentum as it builds to a stunning finale. It’s probably the best album closer I’ve heard this year so far (for whatever that’s worth) & it felt right to close out this week’s playlist with it too


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