What up y’all. Hope yr weekends have been good. Here’s 10 tunes


PUP – If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will

Goddamn this whole album fucking riiiips. Idk what it is about Canada but dang they put out some of the gr8est punk. This song & second track DVP set the tone for the album so damn well, with this song gradually unfolding & picking up in intensity before the unstoppable assault that is DVP. It’s fucking good & I wish I had listened to this when it first showed up on my radar but I can’t time travel so fuck

Girlpool – Soup

Powerplant has very quickly become one of my favourite albums I’ve heard this year so far. It’s hard to keep up with all the dope new shit coming out each week when there’s this album just sitting there begging to be heard over & over. Soup is my current favourite jam on here, the way everything drops away for the “can you feel it?” line is sick & I love it

Perspective, a Lovely Hand to Hold – Upstream

I’ve gotten into the bad habit of being recommended a song, listening to that song & maybe the release it’s off, enjoying it, & then never looking into anything else the band has done. I’m working on it. ANYWAY, that’s all relevant because as much as I loved Pepe Silvia by these dudes & the whole Play Pretend EP I didn’t listen to Autonomy. My bad. It’s sick & the whole thing is really good I picked Upstream p much at random cos I couldn’t actually pick a favourite

Mogwai – Coolverine

Yes. This is the Mogwai I love the most. Right from the jump the soundscape takes me back to Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (imo their best so far) & I’m bout it. Coolverine is a little more in the standard post-rock mold than any of the tracks on there but all the textures & tones sound like they came straight from the same sessions. Or maybe I’m crazy. Either way this song rules & I can’t wait to listen to Every Country’s Sun when I’m in Japan for two weeks in September

Cayetana – Side Sleepers

The more I listen to New Kind of Normal the more I find myself loving the slower jams above any of the more uptempo ones. Side Sleepers is kind of an outlier on the album but damn it’s sick. The drum machine, the slow ringing guitar backdrop, the gr8 lyrics, the whole dang thing

Grayson Gilmour – Blow Back

In putting this playlist together I got shook. I’m sure this song was released this week, I’m sure I listened to it on Bandcamp but can’t find any trace of it now. BUT IT’S ON SPOTIFY. What. Anyway, it’s a dope. breezy, atmospheric track with fantastic use of strings & beautiful backing vocals & whatever the story is with its release I’m stoked I’ve been able to listen to it


Beach House – Chariot

This track from Beach House’s upcoming B-sides & rarity release put me into a Beach House binge for a couple days this week & I’m almost including it on here solely for that. Don’t get me wrong, Chariot is a classic Beach House jam, dreamy in all the ways Beach House do best but damn I really enjoyed re-immersing myself in their whole fuzzy, cloudy world & I’m thankful they’re making & releasing music as regularly as they are

Vince Staples – Big Fish

We’re getting Big Fish Theory next month. Hallelujah. I’m not sure I enjoy either this or BagBak as much as anything on Summertime but it’s still better than a lot of the other rap out there right now & I’m never gonna not be excited for new Vince

Broken Social Scene – Hug of Thunder

Gonna need Broken Social Scene to drop a track like this every couple weeks if I’m gonna make it to July 7th. Hug of Thunder is a different beast to Halfway Home, but it’s just as good & has only increased my already high af anticipation for the album that shares its name. At least I still have Feist’s Pleasure to help tide me over

Tricot – Pork Ginger

This whole album is so relentlessly fun. Once again I picked a track at random here cos they’re all real good. I mean c’mon, we’re done here now, you can go listen to this in full. You won’t* regret it

*I mean, you might. I don’t know the specifics of yr musical palette as I don’t even know who is reading this. But it can’t hurt to try it, yeah?


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