Whaaaaaat up. Y’all know the drill by now. Here are 10 tunes I like that I think you should listen to. You can find them on Spotify HERE

Free Throw – Dead Reckoning

Good god this song rips. So does most of Free Throw’s second album Bear Your Mind, but whew this song rips especially hard. That crunchy breakdownish part, the interplay between the clean & harsh vocals, the way the whole song progresses, all of it is gr8. It’ll probably change the more I listen to the album but as of right now this is a pretty clear favourite (but fer real listen to the whole dang thing)

Fazerdaze – Shoulders

I’ve talked at length about how much I love Morningside, but I bought it on wax last week & this song is my favourite now. It’s one of the more mellow tracks on here, unfolding breezily, with the whole thing anchored around a nice li’l synth line. Don’t sleep on this album

Pet Symmetry – Me & You & Mt. Hood

I’ve been listening to Into It. Over It. & Their / They’re / There for a few years now, & remember finding out Evan was also in Pet Symmetry a while back too. So it makes no sense whatsoever that this week was the first time I listened to Pet Symmetry. They are, unsurprisingly, great, & this whole Vision album is a fun pop-punkish project I’ll be jamming a bunch over the next couple months fer sure

Football, etc. – Foul

Yoooo there were a bunch of dope new albums that came out this week but Corner is pretty clearly my favourite of them. It’s a refined, math-y, melodic effort that continues to offer up nice little moments the more I sink deeper into familiarity with it. So far Foul is my favourite track on here aside from maybe the absolute banger of an opener that is Save. I’ve been struggling writing up this playlist since every time I get to this track I want to go put Corner on & just listen to it instead

The National – Slow Show

I’ve talked about it before but I really don’t like ranking music. That being said, if I ever were tied up & forced at gunpoint to pick out 10 tracks I would be willing to commit to being my 10 favourites of all time the one thing I do know is that this song would be one of them. There are so many great lines in it (“I leaned on the wall / the wall leaned away”, “You could drive a car through my head in five minutes / from one side of it to the other”) & it is probably the most accurate depiction of how anxiety can feel sometimes that I’ve come across. I love damn near every song The National have put out (at least since Alligator) but none the way I love this song. Boxer turned 10 this week, listen to it

Kite Base – Dadum

I was sold on Kite Base as a project when I saw the words “Savages spin-off”. I haven’t had a chance to listen to their debut album that came out this week yet but I did spin the two tracks they dropped last year & Dadum is right up my alley. It’s a dark, subtle jam, that sounds kinda Warpaint-y (I mean that as a compliment) while also feeling like it could’ve come out at the end of the 90’s / early 00’s. It’s good & I can’t wait to check out more of Kite Base’s work

Sampha – Timmy’s Prayer

The first of two shows I went to this week was Sampha & holy shit what a show it was. Sampha’s voice is powerful enough on record, but in person it’s a wholly different & all-encompassing force. The show was fantastic, bar a too-chatty-during-quiet-songs crowd with his renditions of Timmy’s Prayer, Blood on Me & No One Knows Me particularly stunning. If you get the chance to see him live, do it. You won’t regret it

Mitski – My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars

On my way too & from the Sampha show I returned to Puberty 2 for the first time in a little while & if you were wondering it still holds up as a hugely beautiful & powerful album. Here’s hoping we get a Mitski show down here someday, everything I’ve heard leads me to believe it would be one hell of an experience

Modern Baseball – Broken Cash Machine

I’m still spending a lot of time spinning all of the Modern Baseball projects, not even a little tired of them & can’t see that changing anytime soon. Y’all probably know this already, but this is a capital J Jam & I woke up with it stuck in my head a couple days this week so that’s why it’s here

Julia Jacklin – Don’t Let The Kids Win

The second show I caught this week was Julia Jacklin last night at The Tuning Fork. Like her performance at Laneway earlier this year (which was my first exposure to her music) it was an entirely captivating performance, with this song drawing the main set to a fitting close & a phenomenal cover of Someday aka what is imo the best song The Strokes ever wrote. I’m slightly disappointed it sounds like we’re not getting another show for a while, but if/when she & her band come back I’ll be there fer sure


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