What uuuuuup. I’m on either the second saturday or first sunday of my long weekend & I’m all about it. Here are 10 tunes hand picked to accompany any situation anywhere at any time probably


Rainer Maria – Lower Worlds

I mean, I’ve only just started listening to Rainer Maria very recently but yeah okay I’ll get fully on board the hype train for S/T. Especially when the first thing they release for it is as cool as this song is. Lower Worlds is a loud anthemic track that reminds me of what Josh Homme would talk about when he described QOTSA’s music as ‘robot rock’ in that it’s repetitive in a really driving, propulsive way that really lets the riff hit you. I can’t wait to hear more

Perspective, a Lovely Hand to Hold – Cashmere

I’ve listened to What Not to Do a whole lot already since it dropped on Friday & no doubt will keep doing so every day this week. It’s sick & at 18 minutes it’s one of those albums you can chuck on again as soon as you make it to the end. Some of the the other tracks on here give me hella Their / They’re / There vibes in the best way, but Cashmere is an early standout just purely for how many changeups it goes through in it’s 2:17

Football, etc. – U20

I am still listening to Corner a lot & will still be listening to it a whole lot when my vinyl copy arrives. U20 is a stunning closer, a fantastic summarisation of everything that comes before it, beautifully twinkly building up to a crashing finale in the way that midwestern emo bands really do best

Thunder Dreamer – You Know Me

This is easily one of the best songs I’ve heard this year so far. This whole album is really really good but oh man I can’t get enough of this song. Everything about it is seriously great, the verses, that stunner of a chorus. I only learnt of this band’s existence this week & already Capture has become one of my favourite albums of the year so far. Please do yrself a favour & give it a listen

Ratboys – Westside

I’ve said it before but goddamn I love Ratboys so much. They’re 3 for 3 on fantastic tunes from the now just weeks away GN & fuck I can’t wait to hear the rest of it. Westside is another rock solid jam, with it’s wonderfully fuzzy chorus & Julia’s typically great storytelling lyrical style. They’re so fucking good you guys

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya – Think That Way (feat. Julia Steiner)

I keep coming back to Drool every couple of weeks & finding new things I dig about it. This week this song is the standout, with it’s multi-layered vocals (with Julia from Ratboys doing backup) & the slowly unfurling beat providing a fitting backdrop for Nnamdi to do a whole bunch of different things over. All of it works really well & I feel like this is gonna be stuck in my head for a while yet

Mannequin Pussy – Pledge

I don’t really need an excuse to talk about how much I love Mannequin Pussy & their excellent album Romantic but I will take any excuse that falls into my lap so here I am, bringing yr attention to the new video for Pledge & once again imploring you to listen to this dang band already. Getting to the end of this song just makes me want to keep listening to the rest of Romantic & I think I might have to when I’m done here

NOTS – Cosmetic

I’ve only listened to NOTS a couple times as at the time of writing this but I’m gonna change that because this is sick. It hits so many of the things I love about this sort of music, with it’s low-key production & fuzzed out ~everything~. It’s good

Pinegrove – Angelina

I was thinking about going to a gig tonight but instead I’m staying home & watching Pinegrove live shows on youtube & I regret nothing. Their 4am set from Primavera (below) is amazing & only makes me love everything about this dang band even more than I already did. If you’ve got a spare 40 minutes it’s well worth yr time

Radiohead – I Promise

Oh man. New old Radiohead. & it sounds as good as you would hope. & we get a suitably sad music video to accompany it.  I dig the march-like rhythm of the drums & the subtle guitar work & oh man it’s always nice to hear Thom doing his thing as well as he does on here. It’s truly a beautiful song


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