Ayyyyy. Week 40. I honestly didn’t think I would stick with this this long but here we are. Once again, I’ve pulled together 10 tunes I think are worth yr time. Enjoy


Glocca Morra – Theories on Relativity By David Nicholas By Glocca Morra

Pour one out for Glocca Morra at all times always. These dudes fucking ripped & I’m still real sad they’re not making new tunes anymore but the ones they did give us are all fantastic. Their album Just Married is one of the most fun sounding emo albums to come out of the revival, s/o to this Spin list of good revival albums for giving me an excuse to jam this shit again

Julia Jacklin – Eastwick

I am still so thankful I caught Julia at this year’s Laneway on a whim cos if I hadn’t would I have ever heard this song? Maybe, but probably not. If this is any indication of what sort of territory she’s going to lean into going forward I am all the way on board, this song rips, especially in that distortion filled final section. Whew. I pre-ordered this 7″ before hearing this song & I’m incredibly okay with that decision


Oh wow we’re 3 for 3 so far this week on songs I want to say “this rips” about. I’m still very into this whole The Dream is Over album & this song is maybe my favourite on it right now. The video for it is fucking sick too, go watch that

Rainer Maria – The Reason the Night is Long

I am so deeply in love with this whole Look Now Look Again album. It has everything I love about late 90’s emo, being done incredibly well on all fronts. If you or anyone else you know knows of any bands that do dual overlapping / duelling vocals as good as Rainer Maria do (& do especially well on this song) please let me know I love this shit & need all of it I can get

Stars – Privilege

Will every band linked to Broken Social Scene put out a release this year? It’s starting to feel like it. If Privilege is an indication of what this new Stars album is gonna sound like I’m very down, this is cool. I like the way the chorus soars in, it sounds ~cinematic~ & widescreen in the best possible way

Surf Dads – On Lend

This might be the best Pity Sex song written a band other than Pity Sex. It’s fuzzy af, there’s dual vocals going on, it rips. This album has become one of my more regular work listens as it’s hard to be too mad about work when yr jamming shit this fun sounding. It’s distracting & mind-encompassing in the best, most fun way & I love it

People Like You – Variations on an Aria

S/o to Topshelf for once again proving why they’re some of the best dudes around. This song / band are gr8, I dig the low-key guitar work, the AmFo-esque horns, all of it. I’ve been listening to their first album This is What You Learned more than maybe any other album this week & it’s v v fucking cool so don’t be surprised when songs from that end up on here later on. Very much looking forward to hearing more from this band

Lorde – Hard Feelings / Loveless

Call me a bad Kiwi or whatever but Melodrama is the first Lorde album I’ve actually listened to all the way through. Idk why but nothing I’ve heard from her up til now felt like it was up my alley but there was so much buzz around this one from voices I trust, using words I liked the look of & comparisons that piqued all my interest. Very glad I listened to them cos this album is pretty dang great & I definitely get the feeling it’ll only get more rewarding the more I get to listen to it

Arcade Fire – Creature Comfort

Now this is more like it. I wasn’t really a fan of Everything Now, but Creature Comfort is much more what I like in a circa-2017-Arcade-Fire song. It’s driving & propulsive & I’m not the biggest fan of what they’re doing lyrically but it’s not annoying enough to take away from any enjoyment of the song itself. Big fan of the aesthetic of this video tho & bet this song would sound v v cool in a live setting

Steady Hands – Skin and Bones

I’ve been meaning to check out Steady Hands ever since I found out about them & the fact that it’s Sean who sings that sick verse on Your Graduation by Modern Baseball but this week I got the push  needed to actually check them out & v glad I did. It’s pretty much as good as I was expecting it to be & of the songs I checked out (which I think was all of them?) this one was the one that leapt out & grabbed my attention. I like the piano stabs / just all the piano in general it’s used really well here, the lyrics are good & the way everything comes together towards the end feels v earned & drenched in the best kind of sincerity



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