What up what up y’all, back at it again w/ another ~40 minutes of songs I listened to this week & thought were good


Die! Die! Die! – How Soon Is Too Soon (It’s Not Vintage It’s Used)

This is sick af. Love how distant everything sounds & the whole pingy melody that intros the song & shows up again behind all the verses, love how the chorus sort of erupts out of the background noise, love how clearly I can imagine this song absolutely killing live. V excited to hear more from the new album

Great Grandpa – Teen Challenge

I’ve seen the band name Great Grandpa around a bunch lately as the hype for this album built but didn’t actually get around to listening to them this week. Even then, at first I wasn’t sure I dug it. By the end of my first listen of this song I was all the way on board. It fucking rips, the soaring, chunky-distortion backed choruses are Weezer-esque in the best possible way & lead vocalist Alex Menne is in a class of her own

Rainer Maria – Suicides and Lazy Eyes

Neither of the songs Rainer Maria have released from their upcoming return S/T have sounded like what I would expect them to & I don’t give a single fuck cos they’re both gr8. Suicides & Lazy Eyes is almost Homme-esque in how anchored it is to the central driving guitar riff, with the vocals & other instruments wiring around the guitar to make a song that is heavy af & captivating. Can’t wait to hear this thing in full

People Like You – Thumbnail

Since hearing the first track off People Like You’s second album Verse I’ve gotten wayyyy into their first album which has only made this track & Variations on an Aria sound even better. These songs are more developed, less free-wheeling without being any less emotionally resonant, restrained but still interesting. & god how good is the drumming on this song? Very

Broken Social Scene – Gonna Get Better

Whew Hug of Thunder is fantastic. A nearly perfect album even (if you removed Skyline it’d be even closer). Of the many incredible songs on here I picked out Gonna Get Better cos so far it’s the best example on the album of BSS at what I consider their best, with perfect use of atmosphere & space, an amazing vocal performance from each of the lead vocalists that show up here & the way the songs builds & retracts over it’s five minutes & 10 seconds. This whole album (again give or take Skyline) is really damn good & goddamn I can’t wait to sink even further into it

Ratboys – The Record

The more I listen to GN the more sure I get that this is the best song on it (Planets & Elvis are v close runners up tho). It has all the hallmarks of the best Ratboys jams, I love how often it shifts, avoiding yr expectations & becoming something ever so slightly unexpected yet still sounding coherent. There’s never a jarring moment or something that sticks out but it never settles into one particular shape for any extended section & I love that about it. Couple that with Julia’s fantastic storytelling & you’ve got one helluva track on yr hands

Soccer Mommy – Switzerland

I’ve thrown this song on here largely due to how fucking incredible the moment that starts around 1:47 on this song is. It’s a v subtle, restrained synth & kick that disappear almost as quickly as they show up yet they lend a weight to the song that makes the whole thing feel fuller. Even without that part it would be an absolutely stunningly stark song, almost Julien Baker-esque in it’s minimalistic sombre tone

Big Thief – Mythological Beauty

I slept on this album a lil bit but I’m catching up. I’ve become obsessed with this whole album but in particular this song. The moments where Adrianne’s vocals break from their regular sound & start soaring above the track are incredible, perfectly timed for effect & stunning in adding emphasis to the song’s vivid tale. Everything about it is just fucking gr8, I can see why so many people were excited about this album because damn it’s impressive

Japanese Breakfast – Road Head

I mean it’s not surprising but Michelle is 3 for 3 on fantastic singles from the second Japanese Breakfast album & 2 for 2 on dope videos to boot. Thank god this album comes out this week cos I don’t know if I could’ve waited any longer, everything I’ve heard from it is sick, everything I’ve heard about it has been good & I’m v ready to throw the whole thing on repeat next weekend

Bon Iver – Creature Fear*

The first time I heard this song I was rocked by recognition; I’d heard those opening vocal notes before in a milo song & had never even considered where that stunning sample had come from. The rest of the song doesn’t come close to disappointing, it’s easily one of the best jams on this newly 10 year old album. Everything about those choruses represent what I love about this Bon Iver album in particular perfectly, accented v nicely by vocal harmonies but driving & propulsive in a way that elevates the song to a new level. I love it

*& Team too. I’ve only ever listened to Creature Fear with Team following on immediately after & it didn’t feel right leaving it ending so abruptly so I’m bending my rules little bit


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