This is late but I did it, if yr mad sue me


Japanese Breakfast – Diving Woman

Probably my favourite album opener of the year, possibly my favourite album of the year so far. I love it & only love it more with every listen

Slowdive – Sugar for the Pill

S/o to Song Exploder for reminding me I need to listen to this album way more than I already am

Queens of the Stone Age – Sick Sick Sick

I saw QOTSA live for the third time this past Thursday & god damn what a band. Still unsure how I feel about the new stuff I’ve heard but every single thing they’ve done so far I’ve been down with so we’ll see I guess?

Feist – Century [feat. Jarvis Cocker]

What did we ever do to deserve Feist? This album is wonderful

Vagrant – Morning

S/o Sean O’Neal of The AV Club for recommending Vagrant because this album is rad af. Sounds like Massive Attack meets Burial (w/o sounding entirely like their actual collab)

Daphni – Face to Face

This whole Fabriclive 93 mix is doooooooope. Probably my work soundtrack for the foreseeable future

Elsa Hewitt – After Party

I haven’t had a chance to listen to this whole album yet but based on this & the other songs I’ve heard from it it’s gonna be a v vibey listen. V much appreciate how much music Elsa is dropping this year, even if it makes it hard to keep up

Grayson Gilmour – Artery

I added this song of all the songs on Otherness during my first listen & I can’t remember why this one specifically but seriously do yrself a favour & listen to this whole thing, it’s beautiful

Mount Kimbie – Blue Train Lines [feat. King Krule]

God damn I need this album to be out already It’s been way too long since that incredible last one

Hop Along – Kids on the Boardwalk

Still amazed by how Get Disowned seemingly reveals new things to love with every new listen I give it. What a band what an album what a track



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