Not stoked that I’m late with this for a second week in a row but at least I have a decent reason this time around. I spent the three nights of my weekend at three very different shows at opposite ends of this island & oh boy am I feeling it today. I regret nothing, each show was fucking sick in a completely different way & I’d definitely do it all again


Sigur Rós – Untitled 8 (Popplagið)

The first show of the weekend was Sigur Rós at Spark Arena on Friday, which was probably the best light show I’ve seen (or can remember seeing anyway). With two layered screens, light arrays spreading out from the back of the stage & a few well timed dramatic spot lights, their stage set up provided the perfect backdrop for their stunningly beautiful music. The highlight of both though was their closing track, which saw the screens & lights exploding in dazzling light appropriately matching the intensity of Popplagið’s climax. Here’s hoping it’s not another decade before they come back again

Japandroids – Younger Us

It’s been almost four years since the last time I saw Japandroids & they’re every bit as fantastic as I remember them being. Like that last show & the Laneway I caught them at before it, once they started they hardly paused til the end, racing through jam after absolute jam for a crowd that seemed to love every damn second of it. I love frantic, fun, shout-a-long-&-fuck-yr-voice-up shows like these a lot & nobody else I’ve seen does it as well as these dudes

Julien Baker – Everybody Does

Pretty sure I spent most of this gig with a gigantic grin on my face because holy shit. What a show. Sprained Ankle is easily one of my favourite albums & the experience of seeing songs from it live with a crowd that clearly felt the same way about it was everything I hoped it would be & more. Julien’s stage banter was hilarious & the few moments where the crowd started singing along softly seemed to genuinely startle & impress her, especially during her performance of absolute jam Everybody Does. It felt incredibly intimate, with the quiet & subdued nature of her guitar playing & singing drawing everybody in in hushed reverie. It was a phenomenally beautiful set & I really hope she comes back after her second album is out because the only downside (& it’s not even really a downside it was still a perfect show) was that even with an unplanned encore & her playing through every song she could I could’ve happily stayed watching for hours on end

LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great

I have no idea why but when I put on Sound Of Silver earlier this week something about it clicked with me in a way it hadn’t up til now. Like I liked it but this week I’ve had it playing a lot & it just feels different. I’m working on figuring out what’s changed (if anything) & if I ever find out I’ll be sure to let y’all know

Feist – Lost Dreams

I’ve been listening to Pleasure a lot & did I say it’s probably my favourite album of the year last week? I think I did but I’m not going to check & just say (maybe again) that it is definitely my favourite album to come out this year (that I’ve heard anyway). I woke up with this song stuck in my head yesterday & wasn’t even slightly mad about it because it’s good

Broken Social Scene – Victim Lover

Still sinking ever deeper into the fantastic piece of art that is Hug of Thunder & right now can’t get enough of this song. I love how the dual vocals complement each other, the way the horns go from subtle anchoring element to being at the foreground, the way this song displays just how good this band is at incorporating SO MANY disparate elements yet bringing them together so perfectly cohesively

Grizzly Bear – Neighbors

I haven’t listened to much Grizzly Bear but this rules a lot & makes me think I need to fix that asap. Big fan of all the guitar flourishes & the vocal layering on here

Big Thief – Shark Smile

I’m digging this album more & more & right now this song more than any other on Capacity is the one that I get stuck on & throw on repeat for four or five times before moving on. Big fan of how the song picks up momentum as it goes on & the vivid story telling & goddamn all the guitar work on the whole thing is gr8

Phoebe Bridgers – Motion Sickness

We’re finally getting a full Phoebe Bridgers album & that is tight af. Between this song & also all the other ones she’s put out so far this thing is gonna be goooooooooood & I can’t wait to hear the whole thing

People Like You – Hackensack Hospital

I listened to Verse at least five times in full the day it went up for streaming & it’s only getting better with each new listen. It’s the perfect step forward for them (they were already really dang good tho) & so far Hackensack Hospital is my favourite, the way the guitar & trumpet circle around each other is so sick



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