Took notes during my first listen to Everything Now which I liked more than I was expecting to. Might take notes during my ~10th or something listen & see what’s changed. Might never revisit this feature ever again. Might make it a regular Friday thing. It’s a mystery even to me

Everything_Now (continued)

Starting in media res is cool, some of the synths sound good then they start going in with the “info overload stuff” & I get sorta disinterested

Everything Now

Feel like Portishead covered ABBA much better last year. I didn’t like this very much the first time I heard it & it hasn’t grown on me like at all. Feel like I would maaaaaaybe enjoy it more live. It is catchy as fuck tho

Signs of Life

[made no notes, just wanted it to end]

Creature Comfort

Legitimately like this song a whole lot. That synth sound is sick, the way everything ramps up at the end works really well. Lyrics are kinda bad but not bad enough to ruin how good the song is

Peter Pan

Dig the opening a lot, the choruses not at all & the verses somewhere in between


Feels so disjointed like all the disparate elements don’t even come together as a song. I don’t like any of it

Infinite Content

This is very cool. Distortion sounds nice. Lyrically probably the best song so far to sum up the themes without getting way heavy handed with it. Like how propulsive & vital it feels


It’s fine. I mean it’s Infinite Content but “country”. It’s fine

Electric Blue

I dig it. Régine’s vocals are kinda surprising but they work really well. Probably the most I’ve felt the Daft Punk influence so far. Feel like I would haaaate this in a live setting but on record it’s nice

Good God Damn

Dig the slowly swelling synth, hated the “darkest before the dawn” line. Kinda reminds me of “You Got a Killer Scene There, Man…” by Queens of the Stone Age but less sexy. I like it

Put Your Money On Me

This is tight as fuck. Start sounds like Innerspeaker Kevin Parker & Currents Kevin Parker met up & had a jam. Then it keeps going & becomes a v disco-esque Arcade Fire song BUT IT WORKS. Idk why this clicks but Everything Now didn’t but this is way more in line with what I hoped the album would be when I first heard about it

We Don’t Deserve Love

This got real dope around the 2:30 mark. Up til then it was okay but I was definitely waiting for something like that to kick in & change it up. Same again with the closing. I know there’s another song after but feel like this is some A+ album closer shit

Everything Now (continued)

Okay the bookend shit is kinda cool too tho. BUT would be 100x cooler if the actual song Everything Now sounded as good as these two (continued)’s do

OVERALL: It’s not as bad as the title track had me fearing, it’s not as good as Creature Comfort kinda made me hope it would be. Second half is waaaaay better than the first. It’s nice, lyrically heavy handed, musically pretty interesting. Will check back some time later & see if it grows on me


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