Well well well I’m on time again. Who would’ve guessed. Not me. I’m genuinely surprised. But Anyway. Here are yr tunes, I’m keeping it light this week cos I slammed my finger in a car door & typing hurts


Vic Mensa – Gorgeous (feat. Syd)

That opening piano intro felt like the perfect way to kick this week off. I’m honestly kinda surprised it doesn’t open the album up, but oh well. It’s one of my favourite jams off The Autobiography so far, tho the whole thing works really well. It’s definitely nice to have a cohesive Vic project after a good couple years of not knowing if this would actually come out

White Reaper – Judy French

This song is pretty good but if I’m being honest this is largely on here cos of the video

Chelsea Wolfe – Vex

Every time I listen to Chelsea Wolfe I inevitably end up thinking about how I don’t listen to enough Chelsea Wolfe. This song rips, it’s beautifully heavy & even with the fantastic collaborators that are enlisted to do their thing on here it’s still wholly Chelsea’s presence that contributes the large amount of what’s good about it

LCD Soundsystem – North American Scum

This song more than any other in my life rn brings me so much joy. I love that main riff, James Murphy’s wails on the chorus, all the rhythmic chugging throughout. All of it. It does something to my brain that I don’t fully comprehend & I like that a lot

Purity Ring – Asido

Oh shit I’ve missed Purity Ring. This feels way more in line with Shrines than their other recent work & I’m v on board with that cos Shrines is untouchable. Idk if these guys are working on another album / touring our way any time soon but I hope both happen sooner rather than later because they’re fantastic on record & in person

Manchester Orchestra – Lead, SD

The majority of my exposure to Manchester Orchestra has been through their fucking incredible live show last time they were in the country (still one of my top 5 gigs of all time) & listening to Like A Virgin… a lot more than their other records but I like this new album a bunch so far. This song so far is the stand out, I love that eerie ass melody that hangs over it like a banshee doing fly-bys screeching in yr face as it appears out of nowhere

People Like You – Eulita Terrace

I refuse to shut up about this album until all of y’all are shouting “Verse is a really well put together piece of art & it’s a really promising step forward for an already really good band” from the rooftops just like I am

Arcade Fire – Put Your Money On Me

Putting this on here because it’s one of the (few) shining beacons of goodness peering through the overall not great album that is Everything Now. If you want more of my thoughts I haven’t listened to it again yet so these ones still apply

Julien Baker – Rejoice

I’ve had this song stuck in my head since last Sunday & I’m v okay with that. It’s a beautiful track, & it was even more haunting bearing witness to it in person. Julien Baker is the greatest

Grizzly Bear – Four Cypresses

I am very late to the Grizzly Bear party but now that I’ve shown up I’m doing my best to make the rounds & make sure I spend time talking to everybody. Starting with the other singles off their upcoming album. This is fucking tight, I think this was the second Grizzly Bear song I’ve ever knowingly listened to & I find new things to love about it with every listen (S/O to Childish Gambino for rapping over Two Weeks, for the longest that was my only conscious exposure to Grizzly Bear)



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