Ayyy. I’ve once again picked out 10 songs I think are good & listened to a bunch this week. Hope y’all enjoy


The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die – Dillon and Her Son

Aw shit yeah. As if September weren’t stacked with releases already now we’re getting LP3 from TWIABP, Always Foreign too. Get hype. This first track is on the shorter side but still has everything that I love about this band. That synth, those vocals, that signature Chris Teti snare sound. HarmlessnessWhenever, If Ever are two of my favourite albums & I can’t wait to hear more from this band that just keeps getting better all the time

Manchester Orchestra – The Alien

The more I listen to the new Manchester Orchestra album the more I love it. This song is just as catchy as The Gold is, with a typically gr8 video from Daniels (who directed the incredible Swiss Army Man, which has a score put together by Andy & Robert from Manchester Orchestra & if you haven’t seen it yet drop everything & do it). They played an ~acoustic~ version of this on the most recent Comedy Bang! Bang! episode & it was dope

Slothrust – Horseshoe Crab

One of my favourite ways of finding new music is reading the Consequence of Sound fest recaps & reading about some of the smaller bands that play. It’s how I found out about Fox Wound & tho it’s not how I first heard about Slothrust the recent write up about em was the push I needed to actually check them out. Whew I’m glad I did, they’re gr8 & unknowingly I’ve been enjoying them for a while without even knowing as they provided the opening credits song for one of my favourite shows (FX’s You’re The Worst). They are sick & are gonna be in heavy rotation for a while

Open Mike Eagle – 95 Radios (ft. Has-Lo)

So stoked to learn that with Open Mike Eagle being as busy as he is lately we’re still pretty close to getting a new album. Dude is constantly working & everything he touches seems to turn out great & this first taste of Brick Body Kids Still Daydream is no exception. It’s a jam, w a sick video that seems to sync up with the vibe of the track

Yumi Zouma – December

Not gonna lie pretty surprised we’re already getting a new Yumi Zouma album so soon after their fantastic first one & not long after they released a full cover of an Oasis album. Still tho. Stoked af. I’ve seen these guys so many times live & every time they’ve been sick & a new album probably means new touring & if so I’m there fer sure. This new song is v nice in a v Yumi Zouma kind of way

No Vacation – Dræm Girl

This band rule a lot & I can’t wait to hear more cos everything they’ve put out so far has been fucking sick. My vinyl copy of their Summer Break Singles 7″ showed up this week & god damn grab it while you can cos it looks gr8

Pet Symmetry – Stare Collection [Audiotree Live version]

This has to be one of the most fun seeming Audiotree sessions I’ve seen yet & it doesn’t surprise me. Even on the record you can tell how much these dudes enjoy playing with one another, so it’s dope to actually be able to see it. All the songs rip & you should definitely watch the whole thing but if not at least be sure to check out this one

Cherry Glazerr – Told You I’d Be with the Guys

This song came on Spotify during a road trip on Saturday after I played Judy French by White Reaper & now I get why so many people have been talking about this band. Consider this me cashing in another one of my late passes

Soccer Mommy – Waiting for Cars

This was already one of my favourite Soccer Mommy songs & this new version for Collection has somehow managed to accent & highlight everything about the original bedroom recording that was so good. All the songs that have been touched up for this collection sound fantastic w the full band & has me hype af for a new full length

LCD Soundsystem – american dream

We’re so close to American Dream the album being out & I’m ready. This whole few weeks of increased appreciation of James & co’s music has taken me by surprise but whew I’m all aboard the hype train now. Fuck me up, Mr. Murphy



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