Took notes while listening to milo’s new album who told you to think​?​?​!​!​?​!​?​!​?​! for the very first time. Not an in depth review or anything, just a collection of my very first reactions that I’ll maybe come back & revisit one dayyyy

You can buy/listen to who told you to think??!!?!?!?! on bandcamp right over HERE

poet (Black bean)

Love how much space the music takes up, the way it flips from sample to rapping back to sample. Feels like a very apt stage setting song

landscaping (feat. ELUCID)

Oh shit yeah, this first verse is fucking tight. Wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being one of my favourite milo verses. OH shit then Elucid comes through & does his thing as good as he’s ever done it too. Goddamn this is good. Love that looping piano & how propulsive a song this is

call + form (picture)

A big part of what I like so much about milo is the way his lyrics conjure up images that are so uniquely vivid. Dig that bass a whole bunch & the melody that comes in over top of the second half of the song

magician (suture)

Not ~really~ a first impression of this one but given how much I a) fucked w this song right off the bat & b) how much it’s already grown on me I have high hopes for how this album is gonna grow on me. Everything up to this point has been fucking fire. Can’t help but start moving when that beat switches up & picks up steam, those little guitar(?) stabs rule a lot too

the young man has a point (nurture) [feat. YOUNGMAN]

Dug the beat on the first half already then the drop happened & holy shit that was dope. That eerie melody that comes in as the song wraps up is v rad


Again one of those low key beats that helps shine a light on how good a lyricist this dude is. Second half sounds like Lord Quas is about to chime in at any second which I wish I could say about more songs tbh

note to mrs

This more than any of the songs on here so far reminds me of those first two eps of milo’s I heard, not entirely sure why (right now anyway, defs gonna try pick up where that connection comes from on later listens) but I dig it

paging mr. bill nunn

Oh fuck the way this starts off filtered & gradually clears up is v my shit. The beat sounds almost Nujabes-esque which has me imagining what a whole project of milo over Nujabes beats would be like & now I’m gutted we’ll probably never get that. Still tho, this song is tight. This overlapping vocal part at the end is v sick


I fucked up & didn’t realise that sorcerer was a different song to magician so this is the first I’m hearing it. Completely understand now why my twitter feed blew up with people praising this song now, goddamn. Dig the way this beat almost bounces along & everything else about it too

take advantage of the naysayer

Like how this song still maintains some kind of urgency even as the percussion is maybe as low key & subdued as it’s been on this album. Like it’s subtle but exactly as much as the song needs to keep it from feeling like something entirely ethereal


Again feel like Quasimoto could’ve dropped in on this track & felt like the most natural thing ever. The short track length probably helps w that vibe. Feel like you can hear milo smiling at some points during this, feel like this would’ve been fun to put together, idk

yet another (feat. Lorde Fredd33, YCP Beno and Signor Benedick the Moor)

This song could be 10 minutes long w like 7 other rappers on it & it’d probably still be a great song. Every verse is nice

ornette’s swan song (feat. Self Jupiter)

This song is the first I’ve heard of Self Jupiter but dang, dude kills that shit. Like how both rappers do their own thing yet still feel like they’re doing exactly what the beat needs. Speaking of, that beat is nice af

embroidering machine

Ah man I’m a sucker for samples that keep that crackly vinyl sound so already v on board with where this beat is going. Dig the way all the different samples & parts of the song sorta switch out every now & again. Didn’t expect that guitar solo(?) part towards the end but dang it works. V laidback sorta song, as far as flow of the album goes it’s pretty perfectly placed

rapper (feat. Busdriver)

This beat feels like bowing for applause at the end of the show, a glorious celebration, a standing ovation. Idk where that is coming from just what comes to mind as I’m hearing it. Always nice to hear Busdriver do that thing he does & do it v v well. milo’s verse is maybe the angriest he’s sounded all album dunno how true that is but look forward to verifying that as I listen to this thing again & again

OVERALL: I dig it a lot already but there’s a lot of elements here that feel like they’re only gonna reveal themselves with more & more listens, especially lyrically. Which is p much the ideal starting place for an album I guess? I’ve been listening to milo for years now & he’s yet to disappoint even slightly. Way too early to say if this is his best (I really really like so the flies don’t come) but it definitely feels like it could be


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