What up what up. Go watch Blade Runner 2049 & Battle of the Sexes & The Good Place & American Vandal. Go read Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Go get comfy in whatever way you can. But most of all go listen to these tunes


Gingerlys – Turtledoves

There is so much about this song that I absolutely love the shit out of. The way it bursts out of the gate with sick ass guitars & drumming, the dreamy-but-still-clear vocals, the beautiful melodies everywhere, the sick album art. These guys are great & the only downside is it’s over a month until this whole album is out

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die – Faker

Please don’t be mad at me if I end up having all eleven tracks from Always Foreign on here at one point or another. It’s an incredible album & Faker was one of the tracks that I liked immediately & it’s only gotten better in my mind since. The beautiful way it opens up in such a mellow & restrained way, the way other instruments sift in almost unnoticed, the insanely stunning part that starts around the 2:45 minute mark. The way it shifts gears effortlessly yet out of nowhere right at the end. All of it

Die! Die! Die! – For Melody

I feel pretty comfortable calling this my favourite track on CHARM. OFFENSIVE. or at least until I get to see them live next weekend anyway. It’s a (relatively) slower song, fuzzy with cool, bright guitar leads running through it & like the exact perfect amount of piano the song needed

Jelani Sei – Divinity

Big time shout out to Cam Boucher of Sorority Noise / Old Gray / Small Circle & etc. for posting about this band because last month’s LVNDR TWN is jam packed with, uh, jams. Divinity is just one of these, an upbeat bopper that is just relentless in the way it moves along

Strange Ranger – Everything Else

I said it a lot when I wrote out my first impressions of this album (& band) but goddamn I love the way the guitars sound on this record. But it’s not just them that sound great, & this song also features nice af vocal melodies, a sick sounding drum kit & beautiful droning synths. The whole album is worth a listen, but this is far & away my highlight from it so far

Four Tet – Lush

Cripes I’m in love with the whole of Four Tet’s latest album New Energy & knew it was going to be a great the very first time I heard Lush. It reminds me of Gold Panda’s recent work & if you’ve been following along for a while you’ll know that’s exactly the sort of comparison I would only make if I was really goddamn loving the shit out of this. The way Lush flows along is just incredible, an insanely pleasant sonic trip

Daphni – Tin

I’ve still listened to way more Caribou than I have Daphni at this point but as long as we’re getting music from one of Dan Snaith’s musical outlets I have no complaints. I haven’t had a chance to listen to all of Joli Mai yet but Tin was one of the stand out tracks on his Fabriclive mix & no surprise it’s still just as fantastic on here

Yumi Zouma – Carnation

Yumi Zouma’s latest album Willowbank is great & a perfect reminder we need to be grateful for how consistent & prolific a band they are. So far of the songs I hadn’t heard before the full album, Carnation is my favourite. With it’s relaxed pace & the dope way Christie runs through some of the lines it stands out a lot

Mount Kimbie – T.A.M.E.D

If I were the obsessive, list-making, type there’s no doubt in my mind that Love What Survives would end up being one of my favourite albums of the year. All the vocals are fantastic, it’s endlessly catchy & goddamn all the instruments & everything just sound fantastic. The bass part that runs through it is one of the most memorable ones I’ve heard this year that’s for sure

Gingerlys – See You Cry

The band so nice I had to include them twice. I couldn’t decide which of these two singles to include on here so for the first time in a long while I’ve bent the rules to double down. See You Cry is another song that knocked me over right away, with its shimmering guitars kicking in with no introduction & again perfectly upbeat tempo it’s a stunner of a dream pop song



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